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The Littleport Life magazine is a not-for-profit community magazine, produced by volunteers. It is distributed to all residents in the Parish of Littleport.

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Image credit: epic22 / 123RF Stock Photo
Image credit: epic22 / 123RF Stock Photo

Other villages may have a duck pond – we have a Harley Davidson Memorial. Other villages may have ‘ye olde village’ signs with depictions of a local lord or squire’s coat of arms and idyllic rural symbols of flora and fauna – we have a local philanthropic factory owner, ice speed skaters and rioters.

Of course we have wonderful soil in which vegetables, flowers, trees, and a lot of grass, flourishes, and so much more than a pond; the Great Ouse river on our boundary from which we derived our name; but this is a unique place to live, and our village – the largest village in England – is more than adequately represented by our superb village sign on Ponts Hill and that Harley Memorial motorbike on the green at Church Lane.

This always has been and still is a thriving community and our ‘Littleport Life’ magazine continues to reflect the interesting and diverse lives of its people and our very many activities, businesses and services here in the village.

Of course there never was a ‘rural idyll’ – that was somehow dreamed up in the 19th and 20th centuries by the equivalent of our 21st century spin doctors and media executives and still has a hold on popular imagination. This image of a village life of quiet backwaters, rustic folk slow of thought, chewing on a straw, doffing hats and pulling forelocks to the gentry, can still get in the way of delivering appropriate goods and services by centralised urban-orientated companies and government departments to those who are otherwise happily resident in villages such as Littleport.

It can also impact on incomers new to living ‘out of town’ in the countryside – and Littleport leads the way in welcoming its new Littleportians through this magazine.

Littleport Life takes news, information and invitations to all the social, sporting and educational activities that go on in Littleport, as well as those residents providing goods and services within and around the village to you as you turn its pages.

For instance, this summer edition in its ‘Your Letters’ pages highlights day to day problems encountered by members of the community from dog fouling, street lighting and speeding cars to the music played at the medical centre... We have features and articles as diverse as a new ‘Cat Hotel’ to what’s going on at the WI. From saving money to giving to charity, and free dog microchipping to football.

The wonderful dvd , ‘JH Adams The Shop That Time Forgot’ made by local film maker Adam Giles and his colleagues at Cambridge FilmWorks, and reviewed in our Winter issue by me, was screened on the Community television channel in late Spring. Just think of all those thousands of people that now know about our village! It’s in their ‘Postcards’ series so should be on again, so Littleport will be even more famous than it has been up to now! Check those TV listings for more showings. If you can’t wait to see it you can buy it from the Bargain Centre in Main Street for the bargain price of £12.

Whether you were born and raised in Littleport, moved here years ago or have recently made that move, you are a part of that vibrant and always interesting – and friendly – Littleport Life.


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Delivered free to all homes within the Parish of Littleport.



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Cambridge County Council General enquiries 0345 045 5200
Highways Department 0345 045 5212
Street lighting (Balfour Beatty) 01954 233322
Citizen’s Advice Bureau Ely Branch 0844 245 1292
East Cambs. District Council Main switchboard 01353 66555
Out of hours emergencies 07710 978900
Report fly tipping: Mark Mehaffey 01353 665555
Utilities - emergencies or loss of service Anglian Water 0845 714 5145
EDF Energy (Electricity) 0800 783 8838
Transco (Gas) 0800 111 999
Medical N.H.S. Direct 0845 4647
Princess of Wales Hospital 01353 652000
St George’s Medical Centre 01353 864100
Dentist Michael Young 0844 3756454
Parish Council Enquiries, Village Hall hire, Allotments 01353 860449
Police Enquiries / non urgent crime 101
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D.I.Donna Wass
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Sgt Will Davis
PCSO Jonathan Hall
Samaritans If you need help 0845 790 9090
Schools Littleport Community Primary 01353 860235
Millfield Primary 01353 861612