New Direction for Old Road

Parish Council Transport Spokesperson, Councillor Francis J Brown, is pleased with the progress being made at the much discussed Sandhill Bridge junction of the back road between Littleport and Queen Adelaide.

Councillor Brown has played a major role in securing the changes at this junction in response to the number of incidents that have occured on that road. At the end of last year work was completed on making the junction safer and more visible to the road users. “It took some time to get what we wanted, but I felt it important to fight for it on behalf of the village and the Parish Council” he said.

His work with other agencies did not however end there, and he has been regularly in touch with them and is now able to say;

“I am pleased to report we have as a Parish secured a reduced speed limit on that particular section of road, taking it down from the national speed limit. I feel the combined measures on this section of road will benefit the safety of its users, after all this is what we are here to ensure” Councillor Brown said in conclusion.

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