Not Prehistoric but Modern Day Shopping at Jurassic Bark!

In July 2013 Jurassic Bark opened its first pet shop in Downham Market courtesy of Lionel Partridge who founded the company with the intention of providing bulk food to trade customers such as kennels and breeders. Fez, as Lionel is better known, didn’t realise how successful his business would become, and decided to expand, opening a second shop in Littleport off the A10 in the Saxon Business Park in May last year.

Jarl Ford who enthusiastically and expertly runs the Littleport branch and is ably assisted by Siobhan told Littleport Life; “Admittedly two years ago I was happy in my health care world. I was financially well off and working just 5 days a week.

But given the opportunity to run a shop helping people to look after and care for their pets and companion animals really appealed! Here at Jurassic Bark it is a longer working week, although I do have Sundays off which is great because I have a young family.

The customers who come in here arejust fantastic which makes my job super rewarding and I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

The Ford family including 10 year old Joshua and 7 year old Madison have been totally committed to the Jurassic Bark project spending the time before opening day updating the entire interior with eye catching and animal friendly carpeting, building adequate storage and partitions which added to a complete facelift which the premises needed.

According to Jarl, Jurassic Bark’s Littleport outlet has certainly evolved from this time last May.

“When we first started, it was purely cat and dogcentric, but we now carry fish products, exotic pet products on a smaller scale, and we are growing all the time keeping up with local demands for products.”

Across the two shops the aim of Jurassic Bark is to provide their customers with advice and information so that they can select pet food that is best for their pets and within their budget.

It is thanks to their website that Jurassic Bark has had a huge demand for online products which gets picked up and packaged at their Littleport premises plus they have a huge demand for bulk orders. Lorries come in everyday with deliveries, plus couriers are used to dispatch the products ordered.

Jarl says; ”Through Jurassic Bark’s wholesalers there is access to thousands of products, so if what you are looking for is not on our shelves then please do ask and we will do our best to source it for you and at very competitive prices.”

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