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Sigma Embroidery shop is in Littleport’s Main Street, and I went along to speak to owner and former Addenbrooke’s Hospital Clinical Scientist, Kim Oakhill on behalf of you, the reader of Littleport Life magazine writes Cathy Gibb.

I was extremely impressed with what they actually create and produce in the heart of our village. Sigma turns out to be a very innovative local company. They will be expanding by swapping to bigger premises in April with their next door neighbours The Bargain Centre.

“We have come to the point that we can’t show everything we produce. We are going to have everything in our catalogue on show from specialised embroidered or printed handiwork from tee shirts, fleeces, mugs, bags, mouse mats, house door numbers to hoodies and wall art which customers will be able to see, feel and touch.

“We do so many personalised gifts that when the customers visit they are just amazed with the excellent advice they receive and are usually satisfied with the end product,” said Kim, who will be celebrating her second year since opening the shop in April 2013.

Kim hopes that by moving, the company will be able to promote local artists who will be able to sell their work which will be more personalised rather than standard art.

The latest innovation is printing or embroidering university school or primary school leavers ‘hoodies’ – pupils get their name, the school’s name and the date they left on their garment.

Sigma feel that their pricings are very reasonable too. A standard tee shirt plus VAT is priced £7.00 with an additional £3.00 or £4.00 for the embroidered logo. If you are working for a business, you can order a work wear pack which costs £55.00 plus VAT and that gives you 3 polo shirts, 1 tee shirt and 1 fleece. The company sponsors Witchford Football Colts who have Kim’s two sons playing for them.

Kim Oakhill knows she could not run Sigma Embroidery on her own without her reliable right hand man, 21 year old Cambridge United supporter Jamie Cramwell, who has such great artistic flair that he is designing his own logos. Gill Page works in sale and admin three days a week, plus there are new part time employees Emily and Georgina, due to join the firm very soon.

Sigma Embroidery likes to involve themselves in local community events by supporting the likes of the Brownies and the Cubs, as well as a summer school and Littleport Sports Centre.

“We had some left over bits of printing so we decided to run a ‘ printed tee shirt making’ event with some local children which went really well”, revealed Kim. So if you require some embroidered work wear, a brand new printed sports kit or just that one off personalised gift then you need look no further than Littleport. Sigma Embroidery are happy to help!

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