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Last time in Littleport Life we reflected on “The Times & The seasons”. It is good to understand that behind them is something/someone who makes them happen! If it was left to us we would all have our different ideas and would probably end up getting it wrong anyway but as we reflect on nature around us, it all comes together in perfect harmony which means it is organised. It just does not happen on its own.

As we write now, another season has passed. “Summer” ! Looking back, some of us might be reflecting on happy times spent on the beach in some far off place. It might have been under canvas listening to the rain beating down and wondering how you were going to survive another day of rain with the kids being bored and secretly wishing you were back at home with all your comforts! Our farmer friends will have faced the challenges of each new day deciding whether to harvest, the frustrations of another shower of rain and so life goes on.

We look at life changing events around the world that happened this summer; the awful events in Paris and Tunisia during the summer and the ever unfolding tragedy of human suffering in the Mediterranean Sea. These events give us all too vivid reminders of the fragility of human life.
Since the beginning of time it has been the same, and in the Bible one wise prophet Jeremiah wrote these words. “The summer has ended the harvest is passed and you are not saved”

As we look back at this summer, it is no different. Some of us can look back over fifty years or more and the years follow the same pattern. The Summer Season has now finished and we prepare ourselves for winter and the retailers are already displaying their goods trying to entice us for the festive season! The children are preparing for a new school year, the farmers are preparing the fields for a new season’s planting. We might be preparing for many different events in our lives, but can I ask as we reflect over another season that has come and gone, as life races on in the fast lane, have we thought about preparing to meet God?

One day each one of us is going to meet the One behind the times and the seasons, the One who holds the world in His hands.

If you would like to find out more about this amazing person called Jesus then why not come along to The Vine Community Church in Globe Lane to one of our activities and find out more. If

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John Cherrie

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