A Letter from Ollie

Hello everyone – do you remember my last letter to Littleport Life? I’m the rather handsome black Labrador who wears a purple coat and I’ve come to live in the centre of Littleport with my ‘partner’ Ruth. I’m a Canine Partner who was specially trained to help Ruth live an independent life. She tells me I’m very clever as I load the washing machine and help her shop at the supermarket. We’ve been together for 18 months now, and I can honestly say I know every street in the village. My favourite place to visit is the open space at the Leisure Centre.

Since I last wrote to you I’ve passed my big exam 8 which lasted 3.5 hours in June, and now I’m planning to go for Gold. At the end of October I went back to school in Leicestershire to learn how to give demonstrations and Ruth learned to speak to groups of people about me and Canine Partners. I helped Ruth to have a really splendid holiday at Balmoral in the summer and we also went to Yarmouth for a few days. I travel by car and am really quiet when we’re on a journey.

You may ask if I have settled well in the village. The answer to that is a really big “Yes”. I love it here because you’re all so friendly. Thank you for making me so welcome. My favourite places are the Leisure Centre, all the Churches, the Library, the Co-op, the Bargain Centre, the Post Office, the coffee shops, the dentists and the surgery and chemists. You don’t seem to mind when I visit, and I certainly love meeting you. If you don’t know me yet please say hello. You’ll know it’s me if you see a big black dog wearing a purple coat.

Cheerio, Ollie.

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