Littleport Digital Camera Club

Do you own a camera, but never quite get the photographs you aimed for?

Why not come to our camera club which meets in the library on the first Tuesday afternoon of every month at 1pm. We’re a small group of Littleport people with varied knowledge which we share among the group.

At the moment we’re collating a 2015/16 photographic archive of the village with each member choosing a few streets to photograph. This is going quite well and we’re now discussing the format for the collection.

Library staff have made the library a welcome space and add their expertise and encouragement.

If you visit at any time you will see a small selection of our work on the wall. So never mind what level of experience you have or how small your camera is, come and share your camera knowledge (or lack of knowledge) with us.

This is a caring group who are eager to encourage and share knowledge

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