Littleport Town Team celebrates a year of progress

A new market, community based activities and improved communications are just some of the successes of a year of work by the Littleport Town Team and their partners.

After organising events to celebrate Christmas and Easter and distributing newsletters, the small team of volunteers is now looking to help improve the general appearance of the town centre.

This will be done via a signage and street furniture review in the New Year while more work will be done to promote the Adams Community Market and organising events.

David Ambrose-Smith, Chair of the Littleport Town Team, said: “We have had a very busy year promoting Littleport through a wide variety of events and activities. From the fantastic new market to support we have had for our art trails, it has been wonderful to see residents, communities and businesses supporting their town. We are not complacent as we know there is a lot to do, but despite our numbers being small we are determined to make a difference.

Our next project is to work to improve the general appearance of the town with the Parish Council. This will involve looking at the signs and street furniture to see what can be improved. We will also be looking to celebrate Christmas again with a special event on Saturday 5th December and we’ll have more news on that closer to the date. We are also open to any new ideas our residents and businesses have to improve the Town Centre so please get in touch if you think you can help us.”

The Littleport Town Team was created as a result of the Government led, Mary Portas initiative, which focused on revitalising town centres.

For more information on the Town Team please call 01353 665555 or visit:

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