5 useful tips for preparing your garden equipment

Here are 5 useful tips for preparing your garden equipment this Spring from Carol Palmer of Fenland Spirit Services:

  • Wash out old pots and trays using a weak cleaning solution and dry thoroughly before using. This will help to minimise disease and get rid of pests which overwintered inside.
  • Clean or wipe down secateurs, loppers etc., and consider getting them sharpened and adjusted to improve their performance. It’ll save you money in the long run and give cleaner pruning cuts.
  • Clean out grass cuttings from under your lawnmower, remove old fuel and refill, check oil too. Perhaps arrange a service with Fenland Spirit Services.
  • Fix fences, gates and other wooden structures. They may also benefit from a colourful repaint.
  • Help your environment by creating a compost area for garden waste using either a ready – made compost bin or maybe old wooden pallets. You can also install water butts to collect spring rainfall in case we have a dry summer. If you already have one, check the downpipe connection is secure.

By following these simple tips now, you will prepare your garden for the summer ahead so you can enjoy the sunny days -if we’re lucky enough to get some.

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