Lawnmower Tips

Having completed the first few cuts to your lawn, it is useful to be reminded of a few easy maintenance tips to keep your lawnmower in good shape.

Check the oil level every 3-4 cuts – whilst mowers do not normally use a lot of oil, it is worth checking the level every few cuts to ensure the engine is lubricated. A general purpose 30 weight oil is advised which should be easily available from most retailers. Never tip the mower on its side. If you think there’s anything round the blade, shut off the mower and lower the handles to the ground. Tipping the mower on its side may put oil into either the exhaust or the carburettor and give your mower a bad day. Clean out under the deck – damp grass left under the deck of your mower will rot and become acidic, resulting in corrosion on metal decked mowers. It can also clog up drive belts and axles under the mower stopping the self-propelled system on certain mowers from working. Keep the mower blade sharp – a sharp blade on your mower will provide a clean cut to your grass, reducing brown tips on your lawn, and a dull blade will tear the grass.

How old is the fuel in your can?

Most people don’t realise petrol does ‘go off’ and will make your lawnmower run badly. If the fuel in your can is more than about 2 months old, dispose of it responsibly, and buy some fresh. Your mower will thank you for it. Most running issues with a mower can be resolved with a service, so before taking your mower to landfill, consider calling Fenland Spirit Services for a service

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