Littleport Rotary Club – Update

March – we had Crocuses

April – Littleport Rotary Club staged a fund rasing event at the Anchor Little Downham the event was based on Call my Bluff and raised £800 for charity.

May – During the weekend of May 19-21 – we organised a sponsored walk along the historical 46 mile Peddars Way, 15 Rotarians participated in the walk – including refreshments, it took three dats for all to complete the coarse.

Mid summer – we have organised a gold tournament at Sheringham golf course. Pictures of the Golf and Peddars Way next quarter.

Littleport Rotary have provided some 50,000 Crocuses which had been planted by Rotarians & school children in Littleport and Little Downham. The project was launched by Rotary to help educate children about a crippling disease Polio, that kills and paralyses young children. The purple crocus symbolises the purple dye that is painted on the fingers of children to show they have been immunised.

If you want to have a chat about becoming involved in Rotary, call David Ambrose Smith on: 01353 861010 if you want to find out more about our Rotary Club. Take a look at out website:

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