Millfield School

All schools are legally obliged to follow a broad and balanced curriculum and yet with the national focus on reading, writing and maths, along with everything in the media about standards not being high enough, it would be easy to think that this was all schools offered. However at Millfield we believe very much in providing a range of rich opportunities for all our children. It is through these that children learn about the things they like and don’t like; develop a strong interest or passion for something; discover what they are great at; find out about ‘what’s out there’ beyond Littleport. Indeed it is as a result of these opportunities that our children thrive

Since January our children have taken part in a whole range of activities and learning opportunities- some of these have been because it’s something open to all children and some have been because they have a real talent and it’s an opportunity to represent the school in a competition.

All our Year 6 children had the opportunity to work with Dance East on a project over a number of sessions in school. They learnt how to choreograph a dance to a piece of music and then how to practise, perfect and perform it. They then had the opportunity to perform this to parents and other participating schools at Ely College, along with Ely College students. Seeing children working together and responding to music can be very emotionally moving and this was certainly the case with our children.

Our young gymnasts took part in a Witchford Sports Partnership gymnastics competition and our 2 teams came first and second! As a consequence a team was chosen, by ‘lucky dip’ from both of those winning teams, to represent the school at a regional competition. The standard of course was much higher -nevertheless they did themselves and the school proud. What was so lovely, was that they performed their sequences to the whole school as a practice run, and the other children were so supportive and encouraging of them- there was a real sense of collective pride in the achievements of a few.

Broadening our horizons and doing things for others, are both important and at Millfield we try to develop these qualities in all our children. All our key stage 2 children had the opportunity to take part in Voice in a Million at Wembley Arena. Thousands of children took part in this exciting singing event which was to raise awareness of, and money for, fostering and adoption agencies. We practiced a number of songs in the weeks running up to the event (along with dance moves!) and went off to Wembley for the day- parents also joined us for the evening performance. It was a tiring day (we returned to school just after midnight) but the children had an amazing day, experienced something quite new and hopefully have some lasting memories.

These are just three examples of the sorts of things we have taken part in during the spring term to ‘educate’ our children in the fullest sense of the word. I have to say a special ‘thank you’ to parents who have helped their children to practice dance moves, gymnastics sequences, learn words to songs and who have accompanied their children and supported the school.

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