Littleport W! – New Visitors Welcome!

Ladies! Are you interested in joining us for one of our meetings? We would very much like to see some new faces.

Why not join us at one of our meetings? This is a great way to make new friends, especially if you are new to the area! All ages are catered for – age is no barrier – as well as talks and demonstrations, we have outings, visits to other WI’s and a speaker or entertainer at all our meetings. We also have a small competition each month if you want to enter, a raffle and much more!

Last quarter we have been entertained by Pat Bernacki who showed us how to make cakes in the microwave by using a cup! Very interesting and very tasty.

In June, we had a brilliant talk from Helen Ackroyd on Lord Fairhaven and Anglesey Abbey, with slides giving us a view and history of the interior and contents of the house. Very enlightening, and a great speaker.

In July, the illustrated talk with exhibits was interesting, educational and humorous. Entitled ‘Corsets, Crinolines and Camisoles’, by Fran Saltmarsh.

This was the history of underwear and how fashion dictates what we wore… This was well illustrated and the exhibits were exquisite. Most of the early items were hand sewn and superbly executed.

At the Littleport Fun Day we served tea and cakes – an effort that was very well supported by the public, making this a good day.

For more information please call: Rosemary Coleman on 01353 969783 Or Linda Whytock on 01353 863761

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