Lawnmowers in Winter!

With the mowing season coming to an end, are you tempted to shove your mower into the shed and forget about it until March? If this sounds familiar, please don’t. Give it the TLC it deserves by preparing it for storage over winter, so that it’s ready to work for you in the spring.

Brush or hose off any leaves, grass or mud from your mower tipping back the handles to the ground in order to remove any grass from under the deck which will rust a metal mower.

Run your mower out of fuel on your last cut or use a petrol stabiliser. Old petrol deteriorates and thickens to a varnish. It also hardens rubber and plastic parts making them brittle, coats linkages and blocks the fine holes in carburettor jets causing difficulties with starting and running your equipment.

If you are confident and have the time you could service your own mower, although Fenland Spirit Services can do this for you for a very reasonable price.

We service all kinds of garden equipment and small engined machinery, from strimmers through lawnmowers and wacker plates, to all makes of ride-on mower. We are a family run business with Stuart, a fully qualified horticultural engineer, leading a small but growing team including an apprentice.

As a local, dedicated and independent business we care about building a long lasting relationship with our customers. We do this by providing a professional service to both you and your machinery, communicating regularly to manage your expectations and completing work timely at a reasonable cost.

Don’t leave your mower out in the cold this winter, give it the TLC it deserves by giving us a call.

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