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Littleport is well provided with churches. All of them, of course, are built on the foundation of the saving work of the Lord Jesus Christ – His life, death and resurrection. But each one expresses this in very different ways. So, whenever you think a local church might be useful to you, you should be able to find one with which you are comfortable.

Most of the churches are represented in this magazine and most of them do things that are aimed at being of use to this community. So, for example, my own church, the Vine Community Church, runs a weekly Toddler and Baby Group and also ‘Coffee Break’ for those who relish homemade cakes. So take a look at what the other churches are advertising – you may find just what you need!

There are also ‘one-off’ events, to which everyone is invited: carol services, Jubilee celebrations, concerts, harvest suppers and so on. Your invitation to these may be posted on our notice boards, or it may drop through your letter box, or a friend or neighbour may tell you about it, to see if you are interested. And yes, your Christmas – and your Easter – might well be that much more wonderful, if you were to come and sing carols with us.

In the course of our lives, we all come into ‘times of questioning’. Questions like …“Is this all there is to life?”….. “How can I stop feeling so guilty?”…. “Why do innocent children suffer?” No Christian would claim to have all the answers, but we have all tried (and are still seeking) to find the answers. Please get in touch with us. We will listen without judging and respond to your concerns with that hope that is in us. And we will always pray for you.

Churches do run short courses that may meet your need. My own church runs an Alpha Course, from time to time; the company is friendly, the conversation is both challenging and interesting – and the food is great! Get in touch and let us know if you are interested.

Sometimes, when life is really hard – and hard times may come to us all – and your need is for help and support, then we are here to do what we can, to support you as you move on, to pray for you and with you, to weep with you and to rejoice with you. People really are not meant to walk through hard times on their own.

So yes – please – support your local churches. Keep an eye on what we are doing and join in, if it’s for you. Ask your Christian neighbour (there‘ll be one near you) what and how the church is doing. Come along one Sunday morning and join us, as we worship the living God who welcomes us all into His presence.

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