The Littleport Players in Rehearsal

Lots of talented people live in Littleport.

And the members of The Littleport Players demonstrate their talents for singing, dancing, acting, as well as the abilities to stage professional standard performances of top West End shows!

The production team behind these great presentations are skilled producers, directors, musical directors and choreographers, who if they weren’t occupied in other careers, would most certainly be in the employ of the big theatre companies.

After many, many, successful productions over the years, rehearsals will be in full swing this spring for the next one! ‘Our House – Madness, the Musical’ scheduled for July in the superbly appointed Littleport Village Hall!

They have a social media presence of course – find The Littleport Players on Facebook to keep up to date with the plans of this talented group of Littleportians. And they also get coverage in the Ely Standard newspaper nearer the performance dates.

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