Littleport Rotary Club — Update

Last Summer Rotarian Colin Every suggested, that it would be a good idea to raise our profile by holding a Quiz!

This was met with general consensus and a small team set about making it happen. The date selected was Friday 24th November, which seemed to give plenty of time for the preparatory work

Leigh Shaw, Question Master the brainiest club member, is tasked with preparing the questions— checking and collating questionpapers. Paul Cox assisted with the provision and installation of Projection and Computing equipment. Club extrovert Tony Winchester quickly volunteered to be Quizmaster then promptly announced he would be away from the end of September to the beginning of November in Australia or somewhere. Colin Every was primarily left to organisation the rest, he had approached the proprietor of a local fish and chip shop. The Codfather who agreed to supply the food on the night, the village hall was booked, and everything seemed to progress smoothly apart from the number of “quizzers” – glum faces took over but thanks very much to Jo Webber and her list, numbers started to rise and by the night far exceeded our original expectations.

Tony returned from his travels and everything looked good – and so it proved—his performance as “Quizmaster” was breath-taking. With around 140 in attendance the evening was a rip roaring success raising almost £900 which was most unexpected. Many of the club members and their partners took part on the night and apart from a few logistical issues relating to the food (we will learn from our mistakes) the event went really well. For those of you who did attend we hope you enjoyed the occasion – we will probably make this a regular event and would welcome any suggestions as to how we could improve the evening. Those of you who did come thanks so much for your support – those in need in Littleport will benefit from your help so thanks again.

If you want to have a chat about becoming involved in Rotary, call Ron Bradney on: 01353 864949

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