Littleport WI – New Visitors Welcome!

Our November session was our Annual Meeting including re-election of officers for the forthcoming year. The President is now Pat Ollive, Secretary, Lynda Whytock, Treasurer, Iris Copsey. The Committee members are: C. Berstead, J. Bird, M. Dennis. M. Featherstone, H. Payne, V.Pendle, A White and G Wicker.

The evening continued with Dr Bolina, the Senior Partner from St George’s Practice. We were all amazed at the amount of work that went on behind the scenes. His enlightening talk of a typical day in his life as a GP. We all realised the impact of the expansion of Littleport is affecting the burden placed on the medical staff.

Perhaps we should all now be more understanding of the pressures involved.

Before we knew it, it was December and Christmas party time. Yah!!

The Rocking Ukuleles of Ely got us well and truly into the Christmas spirit even trying to teach the Treasurer how to play. This was a cause of much merriment. Being the WI, we of course had a scrumptious supper, not Slimming World plan!

2018 started with a brilliant talk by Heather Gee, about her life-long wish to work in an overseas orphanage.

This was enhanced by lots of photos of the Philippines children including one of feeding a production line of 5 tiny children in high chairs with mouths wide open. The majority of these children are found abandoned at the rubbish tip. We then sampled some home cooked Filipino food.

A very interesting and poignant story.

This year sees the Anniversary of some votes for Women and the WI which we hope to mark this event.

We have many interesting Speakers/Demonstrators booked for this year.

Anyone interested, please contact President Pat Ollive 01353 864830 or Secretary, Lynda Whytock 01353 863761.

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