Millfield School

Primary Schools are not just about reading, writing and maths- they’re about engaging children in the environment around them, awakening an interest in, amongst other things, science, sport, music and the arts. At Millfield we now have a very established commitment to sport and are developing our provision for music at the School.

I am delighted to share with you that at the beginning of the autumn term, we were successful in being awarded the Gold School Games Mark. Only a handful of schools in Cambridgeshire have achieved the gold standard so we are very proud of our achievements!

This is a Government award that recognises and rewards commitment to sport and engagement in physical activity. To achieve the gold standard, the commitment needs to be great and very varied, covering mental health and wellbeing, as well as physical activity and sport/PE in the more traditional sense, so it requires not just a sports day and competitions between other schools.

The sorts of activities our children engage in is very varied- the list is extensive – so I will only share a few examples here. Everyone Health made a number of visits to educate children about healthy eating and heathy lifestyle choices. They worked with children in a number of year groups once a week over a few weeks.

In addition, they ran an after-school club for a term, for children and their parents to take part in fun exercises and cook some simple healthy meals. This was well received by parents and children alike, and hopefully will affect their lifestyle choices in the future.

Our children also participated in a ‘day with a difference’ and the whole school had a day when a range of activities was laid on for them to try, with an emphasis on well-being and mental health. So for example they could try massage, yoga and meditation.


our children in key stage 2 are taught music every week by specialists from the Cambridgeshire Music Service. In years 3 and 4 they learn the recorder as well as singing and other percussion instruments. Children in year 5 learn the clarinet or a brass instrument.

At the same time! I am delighted to say that we are now able to offer individual lessons to children from year 1 upwards in singing, piano, flute and clarinet. Lessons started at the end of January and a good number of children signed up. A love of music and/or sport will stay with you for life. Whether as a participant, a spectator or member of an audience. As I said to the children in assembly, it can open up a world of opportunities and the chance to make some great friends.

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