A Message from St John’s Methodist Church

How Dyslexia inspires a deacon’s ministry

Working with many rural churches in South Kent Circuit, Deacon Carys Woodley offers a ministry of encouragement.

Dyslexia means that I have struggled and felt isolated. However, this inspires my ministry as I come alongside the struggling and vulnerable. Dyslexia is an important part of who I am and what I do. Because I know the difference encouragement has made to me, I want to encourage others. So my role today is to encourage the rural churches and their communities. My hope is that people sense how I care and that I am being Christ’s presence to them.

Rural marginalised

Some people might imagine ministry is going out and telling people about Jesus. I come alongside the rural marginalised. I focus on supporting the very small churches by going to their services and sitting among them. I help them to value who they are and their ministry; to recognise that what they are doing is important even if it seems small.

I help rural church fellowships to ask the question: “What are the needs of our local community?” We then explore together what is possible.

Christian spirituality
I go to some surprising activities where Christians are not normally found, yet have been very moved by the welcome I received.

Recently I went to a ‘sound bath’. Imagine lying on a mat in a village hall wrapped in a blanket letting the sound of gongs flow over. The leaders were very touched that a minister had come!

I am excited by spirituality and want to connect people with Christian spirituality, being willing to embrace and welcome others’ spirituality.

This, in turn, opens doors to sharing Christian traditions of meditation and the spirituality of Jesus.

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