Millfield School – Summer 2018

As I write this contribution for the Littleport Life the sun is shining, we are having some of the hottest April days for 70 years and yesterday we received our Ofsted report following a 2 day inspection towards the end of March- both the sunshine and the report are bringing a smile to our faces here at Millfield!

Those of you who have been members of the Littleport community for some time, will know that Millfield Primary School has had a somewhat chequered past- but no more! Those times are behind us and it is time for the community to embrace Millfield’s successes and feel proud that they have such a good school in the village.

The report reads very well and all staff and Governors are pleased that it reflects the school that we all know so well and are proud to be a part of. When schools are inspected they receive separate judgements for 5 aspects: the effectiveness of leadership and management; pupil outcomes; the quality of teaching, learning and assessment; personal development, behaviour and welfare; and finally, the early years provision. All aspects were graded as ‘good’ with the early years being graded ‘outstanding’. The school then receives a grade for overall effectiveness- Millfield was graded ‘good’ overall.

The inspecting team felt that many aspects of the School sit within the ‘outstanding’ judgement- not just for the EYFS (Reception and Nursery), but also for the other areas. I am very proud of the fact that we are at the ‘top of Good with much that sits within Outstanding’. Their view was that the early years was one of the very best that they had seen. Millfield Nursery has only been open since September and for it to be part of this judgement is testament not only to the quality of leadership from Ms Hopkins and Ms Papworth but also the equally strong provision from Ms Trevor, Ms Murfet and Ms Read.

Here are a few snippets:

  • ‘Pupils behave well both in the classrooms and around the school. Classrooms are harmonious learning environments…’
  • ‘Pupils take pride in their work and themselves…’
  • ‘Pupils are kind and supportive of each other…’
  • ‘the Headteacher’s high expectations and aspirations for the success of pupils are shared by staff and governors……… the Headteacher provides strong leadership…’
  • ‘From their individual starting points, often below those typical for their age, pupils make good progress….all groups of pupils, including those who are disadvantaged and those who have SEN and/or disabilities are effectively supported to make good progress..’
  • ‘The arrangements for safeguarding are effective…..Safeguarding leaders are vigilant in ensuring the physical safety and emotional well-being of pupils. Leaders work closely with external agencies to ensure that pupils receive the highest level of protection…’
  • ‘Pupils and staff have strong, supportive relationships…’
  • ‘Teachers and teaching assistants are strong advocates for learning. Their enthusiasm for class activities engenders enthusiasm in their pupils…’
  • ‘The teaching of writing is a particular strength…’
  • ‘Staff who are new to teaching are well supported. They receive good quality mentoring and guidance that enables them to improve quickly…’
  • ‘Visionary, highly ambitious leadership has ensured that the early years setting both engages and inspires children to make accelerated progress…The newly structured nursery provision is a successful addition…’
  • ‘All members of staff…stated that they were proud to work at the school…’

The full report can be found on the School’s website and on the Ofsted website by typing in the School’s name at reports.

To finish this contribution, I have enclosed some photos of our children outside at lunchtime. I don’t know about you, but when I was at school we had the playground and, if we were lucky, the field… and that was it! Our children have a really enjoyable time at lunchtime with plenty of activities to take part in, whether it’s den building, pompom making, volleyball, tag rugby, swapping cards or just sitting and chatting with friends.

I hope these photos of happy, engaged children will make you smile.

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