News from Ely Roller Skating Club

Littleport Life has sponsored one of the trophies for an event taking place on September 15 and 16.

The Ely Roller Skating Club will be holding their first ever competition at the University of Cambridge Sports Centre.

The event will be attended by over 200 skaters, competing for 14 clubs coming from all over the country. Skaters will compete in solo freestyle and figure events as well as team figure events. For some skaters this will be their first ever competition and they will skate in Basic Skills events, others have been skating for many years.

The competition has been organised by Ely RSC’s coach, Brian Paddington and his wife Carol, as well as a team of volunteers from the club. The whole club has taken part in fundraising efforts which have raised enough money to pay for all the medals. We have been fortunate to receive sponsorship from Littleport’s community magazine, Littleport Life, local business and skating families for the trophies for all 25 events.

The club has a small committee, but the event could not take place without the volunteers from the club who will be helping run the event on the day as well as running various fundraising efforts. Ely RSC has a competition squad of around 35 skaters ranging from 6 – 59 years old.

This year has already topped last year’s amazing results at British Championships. We now have three British Champions, two of whom are skating abroad for Team GB in the Autumn. We also have a number of skaters who finished in the top 5 in Championships so are now part of the GB squad. Please find us on Facebook or Instagram.

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