Christian Spiritualists in Littleport

Although the well-established Spiritualist meetings on a Thursday night at the Village Hall are obviously geared to local people after a bit of spiritual upliftment, guidance and messages from ‘Beyond’, there is more to your Littleport Christian Spiritualists’ group than you might think. Even more than the development circles, healing circles and various regular workshops led by its Pastor, the Right Reverend Nick Brown and his team of ministers would have you assume.

Affiliated to the New Christian Spiritualists’ Society (NCSS) that has many similar churches dotted around the country, it has a global as well as local presence over the ether on the web with more information at and its founder, Littleport based Lyn Gibb-de Swarte who founded the Littleport Church-in-a-Suitcase many years ago, writes a regular monthly page in the popular national Spiritualist newspaper, Psychic World, that was itself founded by famous pioneering Spiritualist medium Maurice Barbanell, who also founded and edited the Psychic News weekly Spiritualist paper that the once upon a time award-winning sports journalist and editor, Lyn, edited from 1996 until 2003.

Lyn is probably better known locally for her secular work as Editor of the Littleport Life Magazine, and for a long time the ‘Lyn of Littleport’ columnist in the Ely Standard. By the same token she has been trying to get an ice stadium built in Littleport for the last 5 years.

Lyn was also an indoors/short track ice speed skater who came to the fens to race in the old days, and an ice hockey player – and is now promoter of Bandy, a fen sport she is trying to get re-established in England from her base in Littleport.

Thus the spirituality of Spiritualism and the physicality of sport have been inextricably linked to this village.

Littleport and its Christian Spiritualist activities is actually viewed as the hub for many Spiritualists of like mind in the UK and abroad. And it is very much a part of Littleport’s community, and although it has its adversaries, religious and atheistic in similar measure, its friends and followers are many.

The messages of hope and love and comfort the healing vibrations that are sent out, the spiritual love and its simple tenets are appealing, particularly in the depths of winter. Whether that is the cold chill and darkness felt within by an individual, or the inclement weather without.

Perhaps countryside dwellers, like the Littleportians, have always suffered the most materially in the months of winter with farming work difficult to come by and the fens drained long since putting an end to subsistence wildfowling. But there is a spirit of optimism still apparent that must come from the very psyche of its residents who’ve lived here since there was first a settlement on the banks of the river. (Well they put up with the Romans for a start!) Since the draining there was always hope of a good frost and some prize racing at Littleport and the mutual aid network for food…

As Christians like the early followers of Jesus and the Spiritual Way, we look always to making the best we can out of difficult situations and as the old traditionally sporting hymn exhorts, ask God to point us to the light, never more so than when the days are darkest.

As Littleport Christian Spiritualists, we know that as well as channelling healing from the angelic realms, relieving earthly suffering, that we have the consolation of knowing that there is no death of anyone’s inner spirit and soul and that all are reunited eventually in a balmy summerland where all pain is forgotten and progress is open to every human soul.

May you have a wonderful winter – and you are welcome to our meetings, whether you are of any religion or none, in a spirit of love and friendship.

Happy Christmas and New Year from us to you.

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