Real help for the community – Littleport Independent Foodbank

We are now in our fourth year of Littleport Independent Foodbank.

We operate from St George’s Church every Tuesday and Friday from 10 in the morning until 12 noon. We are always grateful to the church for allowing us to ‘take over’ their vestry, and we do take up quite a lot of space!

We are so fortunate to be supported by such a caring community and humbled by people’s kindness.

One lady come rain or shine visits us weekly with a whole trolly-full of donations.

The prisoners at HM Prison Whitemoor donate food to us. We attend their church service every couple of months and return laden down with bags of food.

We are indeed an independent foodbank and we like to think that people will just come in and chat to us if they need support. Because we are independent, they do not need a voucher – just come in and see us. We will always try and help, not just with food but advice on matters which may be a concern.

We try and connect people to the support agencies they need. We are also happy to make a cup of tea and have a chat about concerns anyone may have.

Littleport is a caring community if our cupboards are short of anything, we know once we have put a shout out on Facebook, these items will be donated to us.

Often people whom we have helped, return to us with donations. It is wonderful to see them back on their feet and thinking of people who are still struggling .

We deliver to people who are house-bound or cannot get to us in our opening hours.

If anyone knows of a person who needs help and is unable to come in, please do tell us.

There are donation boxes at both Coops and One Stop in Wisbech Road and we are always happy to collect

Elaine and I would never manage without the help of Mandy who sorts out all the cupboards and stacks donations away. How she fits everything in we do not know, and she knows where everything in. Does not matter how many donations arrive at the same time within a very short time they are all stacked neatly away. We miss her desperately if she takes a day off which fortunately for us is not very often . We are also fortunate to have the support of our husbands John and Peter who are responsible for a lot of behind the scenes activities. We all work as a team.

In an ideal world we would not be needed but whilst we are, we all always do our best to support those who need us.


  • Message for Susan, My name is John Hociej and I work for Christians Against Poverty in Ely. I am working with some clients from Littleport who may have been referred by you. Could you please call or text me on 07982 908032 with a contact number so that I can call you and discuss? Many thanks.

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