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Hello, my name is Jessica.

A little about me. I am a freelance florist, wife and a busy mum.

I run an independent floral design service from Ten Mile Bank.

Growing up in the countryside has been really inspiring, so many beautiful wild flowers all around us in the fens. It truly is a wonderful place to live. With so much nature around it is hard not to feel inspired. The more you look, the more you will find. It is endless.

I moved to the top of Black Horse Drove with my husband and children around a year and a half ago now. Black Horse Drove has such a wonderful community feel, everyone is so friendly.

Art has always been a strong point of mine. Throughout my school years, art felt the most appealing and the most natural subject to participate in. I feel very privileged now, in my older years, to be able share that passion with my River View Flowers customers. I never anticipated, whilst sitting through my art lessons, that floristry would become my calling.

For me floristry is my therapy, I find it so relaxing to be able to start at the beginning of the arrangement with a vision and to successfully create that vision is very satisfying.

Floristry became my life after I attended a college floristry course. It was from this point onwards I became hooked. Having finished the course, I kept thinking to myself; I need to do more.

The perfect opportunity arose, a florist’s position at a local florist shop in Ely. I soon was back into doing what I felt so much passion for. The experience I took from working there was amazing. So many tips and new techniques; there are always new techniques to learn in floristry, it never ends.

Due to another addition to the family, I stepped down from the position in the shop. It was in March 2018 that I founded River View Flowers. What an incredible journey it has been so far, the amount of support I have had from customers, family and friends has been phenomenal. Beyond anything I could ever have imagined. Thank you all.

Customers amaze me, how they are always so trusting with allowing myself to create their arrangements. With very little input, they just say, “Jess, do what you think is best.” It’s really heartwarming to have this much trust from my customers.

I was recently asked to create floral arrangements for a Royal visit at Corkers in Pymoor. This experience, will most definitely be something I won’t forget in my career as a florist.

The Ely Flower Festival was also another big highlight of my career, I was lucky enough to be asked by G’s to create a display. Again, I was given free reign, just to include some of their produce. It was amazing, a display I was very proud of. It was really picturesque, a beautiful woven picnic basket set in a meadow field surrounded by wild flowers.

River View Flowers creates exquisite bespoke blooms for all occasions such as weddings, corporate events, birthdays, anniversaries and funerals.

In addition, I have recently started floral workshops. For those who are interested and would like to unleash their creative side please do book onto a workshop. They vary in arrangement each week; all are suitable for all abilities. As much as it is about learning new skills, it is also about enjoying the evening and having fun.

To date, I have held the workshops at Black Horse Drove Community Rooms. The venue has lovely facilities, perfect for our workshops.

There are a variety of Christmas workshop dates held in December. All materials are provided, payment is required at time of booking to secure a place. These Christmas Workshops are very popular. It would be lovely to see some new faces attend the workshops. I look forward to seeing some new faces.

Please get in touch for further details.
Email: riverviewflowers@outlook.com
Facebook: River View Flowers
Telephone: 07706161706

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