Rotary Club of Littleport — Update

Rotary Club of Littleport’s Third Quiz Night. This took place at the Village Hall, Friday evening 26th Nov. where the Club played host to 120 guests.

During the proceedings all of the result on the answer sheets were loaded into the computer and displayed on the projection screen. At the end of the evening the computer, computed after a number of recounts….
1st place went, to Ely Rotary Club
2nd place Soham Rotary Club
3rd place Paul and Friends and Wicken Fen

Food & refreshment — thanks must go to Rotary members who provided the wine and drink. Together with the “fish and chips”, cooked on site, in record time, for all to be fed within 30 minutes

To those of you who attended thank you so much for your support. and we hope to see you all again next Quiz.

Money Raised—the Club was delighted to raise over £500Team Effort

Many Rotarians and spouses helped with the event, in the Kitchens, Collecting & distributing Fish and Chips, Procurement Wine Etc, Setting tables, Researching & preparing Quiz, Photography, Setting up IT & AV systems, Financial & Banking Services.

If you want to have a chat about becoming involved in Rotary, call Ron Bradney on: 01353 864949

If you want to find out more about our Rotary Club. Take a look at our website:

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