Black Horse Drove

Always a steady hamlet, as with other villages, it’s been quieter on the Drove in recent months, however, some of our community spirited neighbours have stepped forward to offer help during this unsettling time.

First was Gavin Vanns, who, immediately lockdown was announced, posted a note through all doors offering help to those who may be self isolating.

Julie and Roger Goodson of JR Cars assisted by Richard Tod, rolled up their sleeves and spent a few days digging out the last remaining grass area at the front of our Community Centre to extend the car park. Hard work, but it means we are now utilising all the space at the front of the Centre.

Even some of our younger neighbours have stepped up with Fiona O’Reilly’s children kindly donating some of their games and toys for others to borrow by placing them in the phone kiosk.

Mandie Bell, who only moved onto the Drove earlier this year, has placed various items including children’s toys, games, bunting kits, craft materials in the phone box for children to take and use.

Our recently renovated phone kiosk has come into its own by providing a hub for people to share books and crafts during this time, our appreciation goes once again to those who kindly renovated it for us.

Others have offered help and support by shopping, cutting grass and playing the saxophone on Thursday evenings at 8pm. Everyone’s contribution is appreciated.

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