363MCC Keeping Their Shiny Side Up!

The old bikers’ greeting and good wishes, ‘Keep your shiny side up, rubber side down’ is embodied by Littleport’s bike club.

They have continued to keep spirits high from the start of the lockdown and as soon as it was ok to do so organised rides out.

A fun ‘Poker Run’ where 363MCC President Mark Robinson explains that “There are various check points along the route at which you get a playing card. At the finish the biker with the best hand wins!”

The club members also visited the Hell’s Angels Memorial at RAF Molesworth. This was the name given to the American 303rd Bombardment Group. Between 1942 and 1945, 841 of them were killed and 747 men were taken Prisoner of War. 210 B 17 planes were lost.

There was also a poignant ride out to Brandon in a tribute to honour the 7th Armoured Division, the Desert Rats, who were stationed together in Thetford Forest before landing in France June 5th 1944.

363MCC President Mark Robinson stated “On Remembrance Sunday we will be laying a wreath regardless of whether the usual Remembrance Day parade happens or not because of restrictions emplaced due to C19. We have always supported the armed forces, our veterans, and of course Her Majesty the Queen.”

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