363MCC Littleport’s Much-Loved Bikers Club!

As 363MCC President Mark Robinson declares, “We are a local group of guys n gals with interests in all the good things. Motorcycles, Music and Good Times!”

Yes, we have to agree with that description – but there is a serious side to the club.

They take doing good in the community as a mission, as their activities in that direction throughout the year testify.

In the autumn the guys and gals were involved in making sure the children in Littleport, whose parents were finding it hard during the pandemic restrictions to make ends meet, had a hot meal and food in general. They appealed for donations over social media saying they were ‘asking for food donations for the children of Littleport who are needing assistance this half term. (October) We are asking for desserts and treats as the savoury food has been covered. Please let us know if you can help out.’ And these were duly given

The most famous recurring fundraiser of course is the May Bike Show that raises thousands of pounds annually for local charities and the East Anglian Air Ambulance.

Then there is the winter Christmas Toy Run. President Robinson says as long as the restrictions allow they will be doing it again this year.

363MCC also laid a wreath at Littleport’s Remembrance (socially distanced) Services in November.

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