363MCC Keep their motors running!

Even though this will be the second year when the annual May Day fund raising bike show with music, live rock bands and merrymaking, have had to be cancelled, the 363 Motor Cycle Club are keeping busy helping the community. The very name of the club invokes and commemorates the infamous Littleport Riots that began in May 1816 and ended with the hanging of 5 men from Littleport. The riot was caused by the realisation that there was no money left in the communal pot to relieve the starvation being suffered by most of the villagers at that time. President of 363MCC Mark Robinson says: “In these strange times, we have had to adjust and re-evaluate our lives and way of thinking. We are all guilty of taking our daily lives/freedom for granted, but I believe it has given us a brief glimpse of what our grandparents and great grandparents had to suffer during the wars. Giving us an even greater respect for what they endured for us. As a club we have stayed cyber active during lockdown to keep the club tight and provided food for such good causes as ‘free meals for kids in half term’ and donated to the food bank, we are also continuing to provide care in the community for some elderly residents like shopping and general errands. There is light peering through the darkness now and we shall soon be able to emerge from hibernation. Stay safe everyone. Love and Respect to all of you from all of us in 363 MCC.”

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