Spring is here at last.

Time for some spring cleaning says Littleport resident ‘Digby.’

Digby has plenty to say on
the issue of cleaning up.

‘During this past strange year, my owner and I have been taking more local walks around Littleport. I was appalled to see so much litter and rubbish blighting our streets and open spaces. The town sometimes looks more like Litterport than Littleport! I had a word with my owner and we decided to do something about it. I’ve trained her to use a litter picker, and you may have seen us out and about in the past few months. We do this on our exercise walks. Of course, I’m only a small dog and I can’t clear up all the litter in town by myself. So, I am making a plea to all you lovely Littleport dogs to persuade your owners to join us in picking up some of the rubbish in your neighbourhood. Obviously, your owner needs to do this safely, wearing gloves and certainly not touching hazardous items such as broken glass or drugs paraphernalia. If we all do a little bit, we can make a huge difference. I am happy to see that other humans in the town feel the same way and are also doing their bit to clear up. Together, we can make Littleport a safer and more pleasant environment for all. Litter is not only horrible to look at but can be dangerous for us dogs, cats and wildlife – not to mention little humans. During these difficult times our street cleaning services have been unable to operate as effectively as they would like. So, it’s up to all of us to play our part. Perhaps we can also remind some of our owners to use litter bins rather than chucking their rubbish on the ground. And we know that all good owners clear up after us in other ways too. Most owners use dog poo bags and dispose of dog waste responsibly. Sadly, there are still some who don’t. (I bet you’re ashamed of them, aren’t you!) So, come on all you lovely Littleport canines… please encourage your owners to make the town just that little bit nicer to live in. Yours sincerely Digby. (aged 8 and 3/4)

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