Where possible please submit via email in MS Word, PDF or JPEG. We appreciate that this is not always possible and are happy to provide assistance if required.


The size of our magazine is A5 portrait. Advertising space is available as follows:

Advert Orientation Size (mm) Ratio*
Width Height Width Height
Whole page Portrait 120 180 2 3
Half page Landscape 120 90 4 3
Half page Portrait 60 180 1 3
Quarter page Landscape 120 42 3 1
Quarter page Portrait 60 90 2 3

NOTE: The proportion or ratio is the most important here; it may be easier for you to create your advert using the ratios given* rather the precise sizes and we will shrink or enlarge it as necessary.

Rates (effective from 1st March 2013)

Advertising rates per Quarter page Half page Full page
Single Issue £ 27 £ 46 £ 83
4 issues (Discounted rate) £ 94 £164 £292


Single adverts – will be invoiced upon distribution of the magazine in which the advert is printed.
Discounted rate adverts – all 4 adverts invoiced upon distribution of the 1st magazine in which the advert is printed. Cheques should be made payable to The Littleport Life Magazine.


Please submit adverts to by:


Issue Submit by Distribution Dates
35 – Winter 2014 19th October 2014 1st to 14th December 2014
36 – Spring 2015 19th January 2015 1st to 14th March 2015
37 – Summer 2015 19th April 2015 1st to 14th June 2015
38 – Autumn 2015 19th July 2015 1st to 14th September 2015


We try to be flexible and are always happy to help. Please contact us on:
Cathy Gibb (Advertising) 07874261893
Lyn Guest De Swarte (Editor)