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Issue 63, Winter 2021

Welcome, Littleport Christian Spiritualists, Parish Council Initiative for Older People , Littleport Remembrance 2021, Parish council Initiative for Youth!, Peacocks Meadow News, Candlelight Carols, Littleport and District Flower Club, E10 in Lawnmowers!, Fen Line Users Association, WI Volunteers Clean Up!, Littleport Women’s Institute 99 Years, Littleport Lions, Scottish Soldiers History Trail at Welney, Royal British Legion, The Littleport Society – Scandal in Littleport!, WWT Welcoming Back, Winter Wildlife, Littleport Independent Foodbank, Littleport Players are Back!, Littleport Always a Good Choice!, Stephen Barclay MP chose Littleport for Remembrance Day, Rotary Club News, Rotary Club Special – Paul Cox tells all!, Littleport 363MCC, Smiles All Round at Cubs, Littleport Brass, Littleport Community Primary School, Manager of One Stop Claire Butcher - a Hard Act to Follow, Millfield School, Littleport Leisure's New Year gift to you, Littleport Rangers FC, Littleport Ex-Servicemen’s Club, Mothers Union, News from Littleport and District Pony Club, Littleport celebrity Painter and Poet John Lyons, John Lyons Trinidadian Christmas Cake Recipe!, St George’s Church Message, Medical Centre – Contact Details Opening Hours and Clinics, Vine Community Church, Useful Contacts

Issue 61, Summer 2021

Welcome from The Editor, Summer’s Here in Peacock’s Meadow, Littleport Women’s Institute, Linda Whytock Secretary of Littleport WI gives us a look at WI past activities - and looks towards the summer Littleport and District Flower Club, Littleport Parkrunners have done their bit for charity during lockdown!, News from Littleport Lions Club, It’s Summertime without the Blues at Littleport’s Ex-Servicemen’s Club!, Littleport Scout Group Community Connection, Littleport Community Primary School - A Message from Headteacher Adam Rivett, Millfield School, Littleport Leisure Back For Good!, The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and Black Horse Drove!, Joy Tod’s Black Horse Drove Kitchen., Mothers Union Report, St George’s Church - Your Message from St George’s, Vine Community Church - Looking forward What will you do this summer? Do you have plans?, Littleport Christian Spiritualists - A Splash of Sunshine, A Shot of Hope, The Littleport Society ’s Roger Rudderham tells us about The Great Shire Horses of Littleport Geoff’s On The Road Again!, Littleport Rangers Football Club Play a Good Game!, 363MCC Rides On - President of the Littleport Bikers Club Mark Robinson Reports, Rotary Club of Littleport - Update, The Littleport Players - The Littleport Players Need You, The Royal British Legion Littleport Branch - The Dedication of the Garden of Remembrance at Littleport Cemetery 15 May 2021, The Royal British Legion Littleport Branch - The Gravestone Dedication Ceremony, Littleport Brass Plays Into Summer In Style, Littleport Independent Food Bank Thanks You!, The Littleport Riots A Moving, Exhibition in Adams Heritage Centre Window By Jennifer Stevens, The Day The Varsity Boat Race Came To Littleport – Again!, In Memory of Peter Green, Welney Wetland Trust

Issue 60, Spring 2021

NCSS Principal Minister Rev Lyn answers the question: What Earthly Comfort can we expect from Spiritualism?, The WI – Takes A Trip Down Memory Lane, Joy Tod’s Black Horse Drove Kitchen, Littleport and District Flower Club, Littleport Ex-Servicemen’s Club still has that Fighting Spirit!, Reports the Littleport Life Editor, News From Branching Out, Littleport vets Johnson and Scott saved the life of a beloved dog for Christmas!, Littleport Independent Foodbank, Littleport Remembers, Littleport Scouts Group – Onwards and Upwards!, Learning Matters by Educationalist David Barker, Littleport Primary Community School News – Headmaster’s Message, Millfield School – Deborah Hannaford - Headteacher, Littleport Leisure Update – Clare Pendle, Littleport Life’s Cathy Gibb-de Swarte remembers Norman South, Written in 2015, we reproduce this slightly truncated article featuring Norman South as part of Littleport Life’s tribute. Focus On Littleport Cricket Club and Norman South!, Final ‘Public Service Announcement’Of Littleport Community Volunteer Francis Brown, Mothers Union – Christian Care for families – The Mothers Union is Worldwide, St George’s Church – A Message Of Good Cheer From St George’s, Vine Community Church, Littleport Christian Spiritualists, The Littleport Society - Historic Clock Returns to Littleport!, The Littleport Society – Littleport Riots!, Spring is here at last. Time for some spring cleaning says Littleport resident Digby, Rotary Club of Littleport, Keeping Littleport Supplied with Food and Essentials! Cathy Gibb-de Swarte Looks at how our local retailers are coping with the pandemic, ThePort Youth Group Looks Forward, Scout and Guide Hut Good News!, Littleport Lions Club continues to help those in need at home and abroad!, Reports Genevieve Battey The Littleport Players Receive a New Props Shed, The Royal British Legion Littleport Branch, 363MCC Keep their motors running!, Adams Heritage Centre fascinating window exhibition of early fenland ice skating, Littleport’s brass band has been far from idle in the months leading up to Spring!, Peacocks Meadow, The Littleport Anthem Written by Elizabeth Sutherland Fleming, Welney Wetland Trust,

Issue 59, Winter 2020

Tribute to Littleport Life Stalwart Ted Harding, Parish Council News, Maureen Scott tells us about the unveiling of the Thomas Peacock Blue Plaque, Littleport & District Flower Club, Littleport and an old skater’s dream of an Ice Stadium, The Littleport Society gives you a look into the past glories and fascinating facts about the village!, Scout and Guide Hut News, The Team At Littleport Leisure Welcome You! Back To Class, Learning Matters – David Barker, Littleport & East Cambs Academy – Update from Scott Gaskins, Littleport Community Primary School News – Headteacher’s Message, Millfield School - Your Update from your Head Teacher, Deborah Hannaford, Littleport Rangers Plays a Good Game!, The Littleport Women’s Institute Will Be 100 – Long-standing WI Member Ann White gives us a resume of their activities., St George’s Church, The Mothers' Union at St George’s Littleport, Vine Community Church – ‘The New Normal’?, Littleport Christian Spiritualists – Message from Principal Minister NCSS Rev Lyn, Littleport Foodbank Is Fantastic!, Successful Black Horse Drove Fundraiser, Littleport Players – The Littleport Players Waiting in the Wings!, Coping with COVID-19 at Branching Out!, Cathy Gibb-de Swarte our roving reporter tells us about just four of Littleport’s service providers who advertise in Littleport Life!, Living Aboard by Joy Tod, 363MCC – Littleport’s Much-Loved Bikers Club!, Littleport Fundraiser for East Anglian Air Ambulance Takes Off!, Rotary Club of Littleport Update, ThePort Youth Club – Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you from ThePort, Littleport Brass – Littleport Brass is the Best!, Welney Wetland Cenrtre – WWT Turns 50!, Lions Club of Littleport – Littleport Lions Club were asked by Adams Heritage Centre to decorate their main window writes Genevieve Battey, Littleport Parkrunners – Running the Distance! Littleport keeps on running!, The Royal British Legion – From Garth McGowen President of the Littleport Branch, Fenland Spirit Services – Winter Gardening Tips from Fenland Spirit Services, Littleport Library Is A Great Service!

Issue 58, Autumn 2020

Food Bank Reports to our community, Peacock’s Meadow: a space in the community, Littleport And District Flower Club, Spotlight on The Littleport Society, Littleport Leisure Goes Live And Active Again, Littleport Players – The Littleport Players Will Be Back Real Soon!, Learning Matters – David Barker says: “Feed a Brain Today!”, Littleport Community Primary School News, Millfield School, Lions Club of Littleport Your News Report from Genevieve Battey, St George’s Church – Reflection for Littleport Life, The Vine Community Church, Look at the Birds by Ian Silk Where can we get our inspiration from for daily living?, The Littleport Christian Spiritualists , Lianne Stephenson is one of Littleport’s Extra-Busy Mums, The Royal British Legion, Littleport Women’s Institute Embodies that War-Time Spirit!, Littleport Parkrunners Won’t Be Beaten, 363MCC Keeping Their Shiny Side Up, Return to Scouting, Timebank Top Facts, Rotary Club of Littleport Update, Littleport Town Colts FC - Back to the beautiful game, Littleport Rangers FC Kick Off for the 2020/2021 Season in Fine Style!, ThePort Youth Group - ThePort's Joanne Coe has been busier than ver during Lockdown, VJ Day August 15th 2020 – Littleport Remembers 75 Years on, Littleport Brass - Littleport Life Blows The Trumpet For Littleport Brass Band!, Welney Wetland Centre – WWT Autumn Arrives

Issue 57, Summer 2020

Littleport Women’s Institute, Still Going Strong Through the Lockdown,Littleport and District Flower Club,Littleport Leisure: Update from Debra Jordan,Littleport’s Independent Food Bank,Parish Council News,Message from the leader of Littleport Parish Council, Clive Webber,May Farm Grounds and Biodiversity,Learning Matters,Littleport Community Primary News,Millfield School,Littleport and East Cambs Academy,Mothers’ Union,St George’s Church,Vine Community Church,St John’s Methodist Church,Littleport Christian Spiritualists ,Mark Twain, W.H. Barrett and The Ship at Brandon Creek,Littleport Players Pantomime 2020,ThePort Youth Group,363 MCC Active in Lockdown!,WWT - We Opened,The Rotary Club of Littleport,Carry On Scouting ,Black Horse Drove,Littleport’s Amazing Support Network,Cor-connexions,Community creative project for Littleport,Brandon Bank Boaters Unite,Timebank Top Facts,The Littleport Society,Littleport Town and Colts Football Club,Littleport Brass ,The Royal British Legion,Littleport Lions Are Going Strong ,Gardening Under Lockdown

Issue 56, Spring 2020

Why Not Shop Local?, Peacock’s Meadow – a space in the community, Littleport & District Flower Club, The British Legion, Littleport Leisure, Littleport Parkrun is the Best, Littleport Library, Cambridgeshire Skills Introduction to Horticulture, Littleport & Ely Timebank Welcomes You!, Timebank Top Facts, The Littleport Women’s Institute – Inspiring Women: Why become part of the WI?, Pink Chair Spring 2020, The Littleport Society – Caring for our heritage, our present and our future, Marching into Spring, Littleport & East Cambs Academy, Littleport Community Primary School News, Millfield School, Focus on an accidental entrepreneur!, Foodbank Update from Susan Green and Elaine Lee, Learning Matters – David Barker, St George’s Church – Rev’d Howard Robson, Vine Community Church – A Living Hope – Nigel Ovens, Christian Spiritualists in Littleport, Spring into 2020 with Littleport Lions!, Spotted Flycatchers, Branching Out Charity Shop, The Port – Youth Group – The Port is Going Strong, Littleport Rangers – The Future of Littleport In Football!, Black Horse Drove – Student Cross Easter Pilgrimage to Walsingham, Professor David Blackmore MBE: Renowned Scientist Remembered, Rotary Club of Littleport – Update, 363 MCC Crowning Around 2020, Littleport Scouts Group Is Very Popular! – All Change, Welney Wetland Trust – New shoots, breeding birds, and insects starting to emerge, Littleport Brass...Gets Into the Groove!

Issue 55, Winter 2019

Saying Cheerio, Welcome, The Royal British Legion, New Website for Anvil Cottage Crafts, The Littleport Players, From The Littleport Society, Peacock’s Meadow, Littleport & District Flower Club, Fenland Spirit, River View Flowers, Littleport Library, Littleport Brass, Branching Out, Littleport Rangers FC Update, The Littleport Women’s Institute, The Port Youth Group, Christmas at Littleport Leisure, Learning Matters – David Barker, Littleport Community Primary School news, Millfield School, Littleport Independent Foodbank, East Cambridgeshire District Community Eyes and Ears Scheme, Littleport Lions Club News, St George’s Church, Vine Community Church, Christian Spiritualists In Littleport, Rotary Club of Littleport Update, The Skaters Sermon, MCC On Point Riders for Remembrance!, Littleport Scouts Group, WWT Welney Wetland Centre

Issue 53, Summer 2019

Black Horse Drove Phone Box Transforms, Littleport & District Flower Arranging Club, Peacock’s Meadow Summer Update, The Rising Sun - Japan Revisited, Littleport Brass Ian Knapton appointed Musical Director 2018, Joanne Coe Citizen of the Year!, Branching Out - Charity Shop, New to Littleport Life: David Barker Your New Deputy Editor, Littleport Players 2019 Events for Littleport Players, Spotlight on The Littleport Society Treasured Memories, The Wi Inspiring Women: What Goes on at the WI, Littleport Community Primary School News from Adam Rivett, Headteacher, Littleport Leisure Open Day Is Back!, Millfield School News, The Royal British Legion Remembering the Dead of Littleport, Update on The Lions Club of Littleport, St George’s Church, Vine Community Church, The Littleport Christian Spiritualists, A Message from St John’s Methodist Church, Rotary Club of Littleport Update, The 363MCC Does It Again!, Summer Fire Safety Tips, MS Charity Parkrun News, The MS Society and Littleport Leisure, Timebank Top Facts, Littleport Scouts Group Going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty!, WWT Welney Wetland Centre, Christie Hart Has Designs on Tattooing, Littleport Town FC’s Will Rolls Picked For International Duty!, The Story of Fenprobe, May Holiday Art Exhibition

Issue 52, Spring 2019

Behind the Scenes at Littleport Food Bank, Littleport and District Flower Club, Littleport Scouts Group , The Royal British Legion, Getting Fit at Littleport Leisure Centre, Marathon Special - featuring Amy Bailey and Paul Sycamore, Keeping Your Garden Secure with Emeralds Home and Garden, First the Grape - Successful Food and Wine Pairing, Millfield School, The Lions Club of Littleport, The Hangar - Littleport Men’s Shed , Littleport Couple Celebrate 60 years of marriage, 363 MCC Motorcycle Club, Vine Community Church, Spotlight on the Littleport Society, The Women’s Institute , St. George’s Church

Issue 51, Winter 2018

Introducing Michelle, The WI Inspiring Women, Eat Well with the WI, Littleport & District Flower Arrangement Club, Littleport Lions, The Lions Club of Littleport - Breakfast With Santa 21,22 & 24 Dec, Littleport Rangers Get Sponsorship!, Good News from Ely Roller Skating Club, Crowning Around Bike Show 2019!, Wise Warrior King Fu In Littleport! , Zumba Fitness - Zumba Has Moved! , The Field Theatre Group News , I Will Find You - John Taylor’s Riveting Book, Scouting, Spotlight on The Littleport Society, Rotary Club of Littleport, YPL - Littleport Life Editor Lyn Visits YPL Auctions, Littleport Parish Council Consultation, Parish Council News Autumn/Winter 2018, A Message from St George’s Church, A Message from St John’s Methodist Church, Greater Littleport And District New Christian Spiritualists’ Society, The Vine Community Church - Every Carol Tells A Story, About the Royal British Legion, BBC Children in Need Ramble and Funds To Help A Young ,Person In Littleport To Communicate via her Laptop! WWT – Welney Wetland Centre, Adams Heritage Centre Thriving in Littleport, Littleport Leisure the Place to Be!, The Port Youth Group, The Gate House Gets Top Award!, Branching Out - Family Fun Day -Friday 2nd August 2019, Firefighter David Murfitt Has Retired!, Millfield School (Elliott Foundation), Littleport Community Primary School News, The Littleport Players Present Aladdin, Preparing Your Garden Tools for Storage, Focus on Flooring In Littleport!

Issue 50, Autumn 2018

Littleport Lions,Bob Bowditch Reports on LittleportFootball,A Dispatch from the Royal British Legion - Battle’s Over,The WI Inspiring Women - Looking Back at the Summer Activities of the Littleport W.I.,Littleport & District Flower Arrangement Club,The Library Presents,Littleport Rotary Club – Update,Spotlight on The Littleport Society,Littleport Leisure hosts an exercise class for Cambridge MS Society every Monday Morning!,East Cambridgeshire District Council Annual Report to Littleport PC,Littleport Parish Council News,St George’s Church,Greater Littleport and District Christian Spiritualists’ Society,Vine Community Church Support Your Local Churches. You May Need Us One Day!,A Message from St John’s Methodist Church,Littleport Judo News,363MCC,Children In Need Disco,Little Betties is open for business in Littleport,Timebanking in Littleport,Cathy Gibb-de Swarte takes a look at YPL,WWT - Welney Wetland Centre,Littleport Leisure Officially Opens!,ThePort – Joanne Coe tells us about all the activities ThePort have enjoyed,Millfield School,Littleport Community Primary School News,Littleport Band is steeped in history,Our House - The Madness Musical, came to Littleport,Riding School’s 1st anniversary in,Littleport,News from Ely Roller Skating Club (they train at Littleport Leisure),Littleport’s Successful Parkruns! James Lee tells us how it all started,Port Plumbing of Littleport have just completed refitting their new 3000 sq ft bathroom showrooms

Issue 49, Summer 2018

Littleport Players Present Our House The Madness Musical by Time Firth, Littleport Lions – Why you should join them and take part in their activitiesthat benefit the communitylocally, The Royal British Legion - Meets Pos+Ability in Littleport and visitsa new Drop in Centre in Ely, The WI – Good News From Littleport WI , Eat Well With The WI – Iris Copey’s Recipe for a Yummy Chocolate Cake, Carol Driver Retires , Littleport & District Flower Club , Citizen of The Year – Maureen Scott , Littleport Rotary Club , Preserving The Photographic Records Of Your Family by Colin Anderton ofAnglia Media Transfer, Parish Council News , What’s So Special About The Woodland Peacock Garden?, The Friendship Co-operative , Radley From Johnson & Scott Tells Us All About Rabbits, Help Branching Out To Reduce The Cost of Paying For Rubbish Disposal, St George’s Church Greater Littleportand District New, Spiritualists’ Society , Vine Community Church , A Message from St John's Methodist Church, Message from The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Littleport Brass , Roller Skating at Littleport Leisure Rolling to Success!, Littleport Life sponsors roller trophy! , A Tour De Force Production from The Ever Popular Field Theatre Group, Littleport Leisure Timetable , Debra Jordan Brings News From Littleport Leisure, Littleport Town FC Reserves Move Up! , Littleport Footballer Goes To Peterborough United Youth Team, Littleport Rangers Looking to Build Upward on a Great Foundation!, Ely Table TennisComes to Littleport Leisure!, Caline Easey reports on the activities enjoyed by Time Bank members inLittleport!, The MCC Bikers Fund Raiser , ThePort Celebrating our rd Year in , June , Millfield School , Littleport Community Primary School News , Woodie’s Café at Sharman’s Garden Centre , Bob Garwood Talks to Littleport Life about Littleport Cricket, Bugs, botany and baby birds; the summer sights, scents and soundsat your local Wetland Centre, Kings Barber’s Celebrate First Year This Summer

Issue 48, Spring 2018

The Port from My Point of View, The Littleport Players in Rehearsal, Littleport Lions, Royal British Legion - Final Figure in!, The Heritage Centre dates, Littleport Village Hall, Littleport WI – New Visitors Welcome!, Eat Well with The WI, Littleport & District Flower Arrangement Club, Rainbows, Littleport Bass Sounds Grand, Littleport Rotary Club – Update, Zumba - Down Black Horse Drove!, Busy Bees Pre-School Newsletter, St George’s Church, A Message from St John’s Methodist Church, Greater Littleport And District New Christian Spiritualists’ Society, Vine Community Church – A Spring In Our Steps and a Brand new start!, Message from The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Book Competition Winner!, Littleport Independent Foodbank, It’s Not Easy Being Green!, Littleport Football Carries On Regardless!, Littleport’s Roller Skaters Are Doing Well!, Littleport Leisure Centre, 363 MCC Do It Again For Littleport!, Millfield School Update, Littleport Community Primary School News, Shops Swap Around In Littleport!, WWT Spring Has Sprung At Your Local Wetland Centre + Events, The Littleport Button Tree – Stitching Our Stories…together

Issue 46, Autumn 2017

The British Legion Remembers, Bill Sharp’s Uncles – 100 years on from Passchendaele, Littleport Town Cricket, Roundup and Football, Pet Groomers A-Plenty, 363MCC Supports the Community, YPL Bike Shop keeps Andy busy, Littleport Players take you to Neverland!, ‘I will find you’ new book by John Taylor, Littleport Adams Community, Market Celebrates 2 Years!, Message from St George’s, Redeemed Christian Church of God, The Vine Fellowship, Littleport Independent Foodbank, St John’s Methodist Church, Greater Littleport and District New, Christian Spiritualists’ Society, Derek’s Children in Need Disco, Littleport Lions Christmas event, Littleport Lions and the SightFirst Programme, Boxing – the Noble Art in Littleport!?, Letter from Active Learning Trust, Scott Gaskins, Millfield School, Littleport Community Primary School News, Littleport Rotary, Littleport WI and recipe!, Littleport Flower Arranging Club, Branching Out in Littleport, ThePort, New to the area Clair’Marie Cakes, Unveiling a plaque to Thomas Peacock recounted by Maureen Scott of the Littleport Society School, Thomas Peacock – The Skater,

Issue 45, Summer 2017

Littleport and Ely Timebank are official and we are now one entity!, Poppy Appeal, The Swan On The River’s New Bed & Breakfast, Beynur’s Tattoos Get Bigger!, Play up and play the game!, Littleport Lions, St George’s Church, News from the Methodist Church, The Vine Fellowship A Message from Littleport Christian Spiritualists’ Society, What's Happening at Littleport Library, Littleport Village Defibrillator, A Letter from Scott Gaskins, Millfield School, Latest from Littleport Community Primary..., Spotlight on the Littleport Society, Lawnmower Tips by Carol Palmer, Tales of long ago in the Fens, Jacquie Burford's Old Fashioned Bread Pudding, Taking Your Cat to the Vets - A Cat Friendly Approach!, The WI - Inspiring Women, Barra Brith!, Littleport Rotary Club, Steve and Vanessa celebrate 15 years running Riverside Caravan and Camping Park, New venture for new couple in Littleport, UFO Group contact in Littleport, Littleport & District Flower Arrangement Club, Our Roving Reporter accidentally finds a Kart racer and Tai Kwan-Do expert in Littleport!, Jo Cole’s Healthy Options!, 363MCC Littleport’s Bikers are the Best!, Home-Start Cambridgeshire, Food Bank, The PORT, The Littleport Players, What’s on in Littleport

Issue 44, Spring 2017

LITTLEPORT & DISTRICT FLOWER ARRANGEMENT CLUB,Neighbourhood Watch,The PORT,Cricket in Littleport - Update,Littleport Leisure Centre - They also Served,Littleport Lions,ST GEORGE’S CHURCH,A View from the Methodist Manse,The Vine Fellowship,A Message from Littleport Christian Spiritualists’ Society,Need a venue? Go to Littleport Library,Pies, Pints and Puddings – the 3 P’s come to The Ship Inn, Brandon Creek,Our work in schools,Littleport Community First Responders,Millfield School,Almost Stop Press!,Spotlight on Costumiere Sheila Goodall,Spring Forward in 2017 with the WI,Iris Copsey’s Easy Peasy Cottage Pie,Fenland Heroes,End of an Era,Melanie Designs in Littleport,Littleport Brass and Rock Vox Choir Christmas Concert,Be our eyes and ears on care in Cambridgeshire,Beynur’s Tattoos Get Bigger!,Littleport Rotary Club,Store is Thriving,Here are 5 useful tips for preparing your garden equipment this Spring from Carol Palmer of Fenland Spirit Services

Issue 43, Winter 2016

Littleport Town Team celebrates a year of progress, New Taxi Firm in Littleport!, The Flower Arranging Club, Remembering Maureen Cox, Littleport Town FC Optimistic About The New Season, Littleport Rangers are thriving!, Littleport Lions, Wrestling for charity, BASKETBALL CUP FINALS, Local Kung Fu Club Gets Grading Success in 2016, ST GEORGE’S CHURCH, A Christmas Message from St John’s Methodist Church, The Vine Fellowship, Greater Littleport & District NSS, Music and the Salvation Army, The Active learning trust, Millfield School, Littleport Community Primary School Riots!, Littleport’s Sigma, Red Shoes Accounting and Fenland Spirit Services in the spotlight!, Peacock's Meadow, Adams Heritage Centre, Neighbourhood Watch AGM Speakers Sat 22/10/2016, The Littleport Branch of the Royal British Legion, Littleport Leisure Centre Looking back at many New Years’ Eves!, Martin School Reunion 50 years on, Looking Back at 2016 with the Women's Institute, Baynur's Tattoo Parlour's award winning artist, 363MCC Bikers Ride to the Occasion Again and Again!, What is Time Banking?, Community Spirit in Littleport!

Issue 42, Autumn 2016

Littleport Remembers, British Legion Remembrance Sunday, 363MCC Gets the Money!, 200th Anniversary Day of Remembrance, Littleport Town FC ‘Gets Shirty’, The Flower Club welcomes new members, Littleport Lions Club, St George’s Church, The Vine Community Church, Greater Littleport & District NSS, The Salvation Army soldiers on, YPL Cinema Club News, Enjoying Autumn, Pat Ollive’s Delicious Malvern Pudding, Millfield School - A Look Back, Charity Fun at Hale Fen, The Community Market Thriving After One Year, Hair Raising Effort, Jasper the Dog Gets a Home, The Littleport Society, Technology in Music, Littleport Rotary Club – Update, The WI Gets Cleaning, You Are Not Alone (Y.A.N.A.)

Issue 40, Spring 2016

Letter from the Editor , Littleport Leisure Centre, Running Group Formed, The Oakhill Round Up, Body & Mind Fitness, ‘Nottingham Knockers’, Dancing In The Streets of , Your Local Library, Scouting & Guiding, Recycling Champions, Wednesday Night Club, Louise is an Engineer, Arts Alive in Littleport Library, Littleport Rotary Club, Littleport Riots, Dear Littleport Life, The Littleport Society, Adams Market Is Back, Submission Guide , Fond Memories, Littleport’s Matt Is Hand, MCC 353, The Copper Cup, ThePort, The Lions Club of Littleport, Selling Out, The Salvation Army, St George’s Church, New Spiritualists Society, The Vine Community Church, Millfield School, From The British Legion, Another Shaved Head!, Women’s Institute, Lemon Drizzle Cake, Spinal Injuries Association, District Council Update, Littleport Town Team’s Update, You Are Not Alone, Littleport Riot 200, Littleport Flower Club, YPL Swap Shop, A Tribute to Sue

Issue 39, Winter 2015

Adams Community Market, A Letter From Ollie, Neighbourhood Watch Update, Woodland Garden, Local Campaigners Victory, Heart Warming Stories, The Story Behind ‘The Colebys’, Women’s Institute Update, An Interview With Phil Malkin, The Field Theatre Group Presents‘Vision For All’, From The Brink Of Closure, A Message From St George’s Church, A Message From St John’s Methodist Church, A Reflection From the Vine Fellowship, Greater Littleport & District New Spiritualists’ Society, Your Local Library, The Littleport Players, The Rescue Pony: Gingerbread, Iris Copsey’s Festive Fare, Millfield School, Littleport Community Primary, God Hate Astronauts - Music, Raising Funds For Charity - Creature Comforts, Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue, Your District Councillors Report, Littleport Digital Camera Club, Littleport Rotary Club, Diary of Events

Issue 38, Autumn 2015

Neighbourhood Watch, Ouse Fest, Littleport Society, The Lion’s Club, Littleport Cricket Club, A C Tree Surgery Award, Citizen of the Year, Gate House B&B, Macmillan Tribute Funds, Parish Council Update, WI Centenary, Bargain Centre, Dog Walker Campaign, St Georges Church, St John’s Methodist Church, Spiritualists’ Society, Vine Community Church, Littleport Players, Leisure Centre Youth Events, Timebank Success, Littleport Library, YPL Drama Classes, A Bloomin’ Good Time, Flower Club to Grow, Rotary Club, East Anglia Children’s Hospices, Branching Out, RBL Garden of Remembrance, Ely & District Cycling Club, New Youth Group, YPL VE Day Celebration, Bowls Club, Youth Bike Club, Trikefest 2015, Charity Head Shaving, 363 MCC Do it Again, Puzzle Corner, Parsons Lane Primary School, Millfield Primary School, A Look at Local Vets, Littleport Lyrics, Diary Event

Issue 37, Summer 2015

Neighbourhood Watch, Ouse Fest, Littleport Society, The Lion’s Club, Littleport Cricket Club, A C Tree Surgery Award, Citizen of the Year, Gate House B&B, Macmillan Tribute Fund, Parish Council Updat, WI Centenary, Bargain Centre, Dog Walker Campaign, St Georges Church, St John’s Methodist Church, Spiritualists’ Society, Vine Community Church, Littleport Players, Leisure Centre Youth Event, Timebank Success, Littleport Library, YPL Drama Classes, A Bloomin’ Good Time, Flower Club to Grow, Rotary Club, East Anglia Children’s Hospice, Branching Out, RBL Garden of Remembranc, Ely & District Cycling Club, New Youth Group, YPL VE Day Celebration, Bowls Club, Youth Bike Club, Trikefest 2015, Charity Head Shaving, 363 MCC Do it Again, Puzzle Corner, Parsons Lane Primary School, Millfield Primary School, A Look at Local Vets, Littleport Lyrics, Diary Events

Issue 36, Spring 2015

Meet The Master Of Ghost-Storytelling At Littleport Library, A Visit To The Gate House B&B, Sharon Gets A Gold, Bright Sparks Needed!, Littleport WI Update, For Home And Country The Real Story Behind ‘Jam And Jerusalem’, Heritage Centre Thriving, Ely Walking Group, Meet The Man Behind The Ad!, Littleport Scout Troop Taste-Test Take-Aways, Pet Shops Are Us In Littleport, Not Prehistoric But Modern Day Shopping At Jurassic Bark!, Coleby’s – The Fisherman’s Friend And A Famous Name In Littleport!, Hale Fen’s Creature Comforts, Stitch In Time, ‘Made With Love And Care’, Cathy Continues To Rove, Salvation Army, St John’s Methodist Church, A Message From St Georges Church, Message From The Greater Littleport And District New Spiritualists’ Society, New Horizons For Dance In Littleport!, Cambridgeshire County Council Bus News, Littleport Rotary Club, Plans And Donations, Littleport Town Team Survey, Crowning Around, Fun Skating At Littleport Leisure, The Littleport Players Theatre Group, Flexing Their Civic Muscles, Riparian Rights, Goodbye To Our Village, A Healthy Part Of Littleport Life, Time To Bank Some Litterpicking, Littleport Lions Club Activities, Littleport Yard Sale Add To Littleport Life, The Field Theatre Group Presents: Mouse Pie & Glory Buns!, Supporting Millfield Primary School, A Littleport Community Primary School Headteacher John Cattermole writes, A Running Route For Littleport, New Direction For Old A10

Issue 35, Winter 2014

Good News! Littleport Library: We Are Open, Win A Copy of ‘Isle of Ghosts’ By Deb Curtis, Or ‘Christmas Carols’ by Andrew Gant, It’s Wonderful in Littleport, The Other Shop, YPL Cycle Shop, Littleport & District Flower Club, Littleport Artists & Authors Number 2, Branching Out, Connections Cancer Club, Littleport Rotary Club, Littleport Town Team, Stephen Barclay MP, Poppy Appeal 2013—The Royal British Legion, Focus On Littleport’s Football Scene, The Littleport Society: Preserving Our Past For The Future, Strictly More Care For Pets In Littleport As Jiving Vet Joins Ranks, Littleport Fire Station News, Littleport Lions International, Some Fancy Footwork In Littleport, A Message From: St George’s Church, Littleport Spiritualist Church, The Vine Community Church, The Methodist Church, The Salvation Army, Littleport Women’s Institute, Littleport’s Very Own Oven Cleaner, Littleport Parish Council Is Working For You, Littleport Brass Band, February Ice Expo At The Heritage Centre, Littleport Community Primary School Report, A Message From Millfield, W.H.Cox – Still Feeding Littleport, Christmas Celebration Lights, Littleport Leisure Centre Has ‘Something For Everyone’, Littleport Village Calendar Dates For Your Diary, Medical Centre: Contact Details, Opening Hours And Clinics, Citizens Advice And Other Useful Numbers