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With summer getting closer, weight loss for the beach is on a lot of minds. Most people struggle because they go to extreme measures. You don’t need to. There’s 3-4 months until summer, that’s plenty of time to change your body, if you approach it well. There are 4 elements you need to take into consideration when you’re striving for long-term and sustainable weight loss;

The food you eat & portion sizes
What you eat will be one of the biggest factors in how your weight loss goes. You don’t need meal replacement shakes, to go on any extreme diets or starve yourself to lose weight. Just eat real food, in the right portions. If they’re not right you can still be eating too much, or not enough, both will have a negative effect on your goals.

I’m sure this comes as no surprise! What you eat can be the most important factor but it won’t mean much if you don’t do some exercise as well. 3-5 sessions a week of around 45mins using a mixture of cardio and resistance training can have a massive effect when mixed with eating well.

Support and Accountability
This can be overlooked so much of the time. But if you don’t have a support network around you it can be so easy to give up when times are hard. Most people fail on their weight loss journey due to lack of support. You also need to be accountable to someone. Otherwise it’s so easy to sneak in those extra few takeaways, or to miss those workouts.

Consistency and Patience
So many people get discouraged after going for a week or two and not seeing massive differences. Change doesn’t happen overnight. But keep at it and be patient. Work consistently on your nutrition and training and you will make a massive difference in 3-4 months.

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