Remembering Maureen Cox

8th February 1943 – 19th September 2016

Littleport lost a popular and well-known member of its community in September.

Maureen Cox, much loved mother of Darren and Sam, and beloved wife of District and Parish Councillor Paul Cox, passed away after a short illness bravely born.

Maureen came to live in Littleport from Southery on her marriage to Paul, and soon afterwards they built the house they have lived in ever since.

When their children came along Maureen and Paul made some good friends of other parents, but particularly with Margaret and Barry Constable with whom they shared many activities and even holidays. When Margaret was tragically killed in a car accident in 1980, Maureen drew even closer to Margaret and Barry’s children Jason and Sharon.

Having been a full-time mum, when her children were old enough, she went back to work.

Maureen was employed by a tobacco kiosk company, and when Tesco decided to sell cigarettes themselves, rather than use franchised vendors, she was quickly invited to work for them.

Firstly, in the cash office at Newmarket, and then into Customer Services, where her expertise coupled with her friendly manner, endeared her to colleagues and members of the shopping public alike.

Maureen was always interested in community affairs and supported Paul in his community work, as well as being a part of Littleport’s Rotary Club. A keen gardener and lover of orchids, Maureen was a valued member of the Littleport Flower Arranging Club.

Maureen remarkably never took a day off work and was still putting in some hours with no plans of complete retirement.

Her funeral took place on the 4th October at the Fenland Crematorium in March, which was packed with her friends and family. Tesco laid on a coach which was over-subscribed and told employees that they could attend that day with no loss of pay.

A reception was held at Littleport Village Hall.

One of the managers at Tesco wrote these words to Maureen’s family:

Maureen was a wonderful person and a hugely loved colleague. Lovingly known as ‘the Queen of our Service Desk’. She was quite simply one of the greatest characters, friend and colleague that you could ever wish to meet. Always incredibly cheerful and positive, a brief encounter with Maureen would brighten up anybody’s day. She was one of life’s truly amazing and simply wonderful people.

At her funeral, her son Darren gave a wonderful talk about his family life with his mother, and in conclusion said:

Mum you were simply the dearest, kindest, generous, loving mum anyone could have wished for. Even at the end, positive, hopeful, accepting and scarcely a tear. Rest in peace Mum. Forever in our thoughts.

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