Preparing your garden tools for storage

As you’re putting your garden power tools away for the winter, it’s worth taking some time to ensure they’ll be good to go next year.

Use these five tips to prepare your garden tools for storage – and keep them in top condition for spring:

  • Make sure all tools are clean and dry

    Mud, dirt and old bits of garden plants can cause your tools to work ineffectively. If you’re anticipating that your machines aren’t going to be used for a while, give them a thorough clean – and make sure they’re dry before going into storage.

  • Drain excess oil and fuel

    Old oil and fuel can affect the performance of your gardening tools once they make a reappearance after long periods in storage. You can prevent this by draining excess oil and fuel beforehand.

  • Get rid of rust

    Rust happens when metal objects are exposed to chemicals in the air. You can prevent rust from damaging your machine when they’re in storage by rubbing the area with sandpaper.

  • Replace or sharpen blades and chains

    Unsharpened lawnmower and chainsaw blades can make the tools run ineffectively. However, you can prevent this (and save time in the spring) by replacing or sharpening the blades and chains before they go into storage.

  • Get your tools serviced and repaired professionally

    There are some gardening activities that can be done by a novice DIY-er… Servicing and repairing garden tools isn’t one of them.

Call Fenland Spirit Services on 0775 383 6499 for help with repairs and servicing. With years of experience working with all types of gardening tools (from lawnmowers to hedge trimmers), we can take the hassle off your hands.

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