Rotary Club of Littleport – Update

Rotary Club of Littleport’s second Quiz Night. This took place at the Village Hall, Friday evening 5th Oct. where the Club played host to over 120 guests. Amongst the guests, were the Littleport Players Quiz team, entertained—the Rotary Club members—who in turn, responded by making a donation to the Littleport Players.

Littleport Scouts

In early April we had an really interesting visit to the club by a couple of people, Julie Double and Darrel Gardiner seen above with President Tony Summersgill, from Littleport Scouts to see how we might be able to work together to help raise money for the boys and girls at Beavers/Rainbows/Cubs/Brownies/Scouts/Guides—some really great ideas—stay tuned..

A donation of £250 was made to Therapy Dogs Nationwide

Rotary donate £250 to Therapy Dogs Nationwide in the light of their recent presentation to the Club. This was felt to be a very worthwhile charity to support. The presence of these wonderful animals works magic in locations where there may be confusion or illness. Some of the local dogs were taken to a RAF Lakenheath family day. The presence of the dogs was a highlight for every one.

A donation of £500 was made to Rotary KidsOut Day.

We will be hosting an event on 31st May 2019 primarily in aid of the National Rotary KidsOut Day.

Every June, the Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland together with KidsOut take over 25,000 disadvantaged children on a fun day out. The children visit the seaside, theme parks, adventure playgrounds and zoos, giving them all wonderful memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Shelter Box

We have just donated a ShelterBox to help victims of Cyclone Idai in southern Africa. This is actually the third we have donated in this Rotary year (July 2018 to June 2019). The first was to help following the earthquake in Sulawesi, Indonesia and the second following the floods in Kerala, southern India. All three were devastating to those in the regions affected. Each ShelterBox costs £590, so that’s £1770 – all raised with the support of people like you.

Cyclone Idai Update

A team is now in Chikwawa, one of the worst-hit districts of southern Malawi. They’ve visited families living in collective center’s to understand how ShelterBox can help.

At collective centers across Malawi, conditions are crowded and cramped, putting people at increased risk of disease, violence and even trafficking. Emergency shelter is desperately needed. to give families the space and tools to recover in privacy.

We expect support may include emergency ShelterKits so families can repair or create shelter, as well as water filters and mosquito nets to protect themselves from diseases.

Right now, we are talking to local partners in all the countries affected to understand how we can help. As Rotary International’s project partner for disaster relief; we’re in close contact with the District Governor for Mala-wi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. We’re also working with Habitat for Hu-manity, who are helping to provide shelter aid in Chikwawa.

Your support

More than 86.000 people have been forced to flee their homes after heavy rains and flash flooding devasted villages across southern Malawi. Throughout March 2019, rain continued day and night causing Malawi’s largest river Shire to burst its banks and flood neighboring communities. For many displaced families. the situation deteriorated further when cy-clone Idai tore through the country.

Lend with Care

Throughout the developing world there are numerous entrepreneurs who want to get going but simply don’t have the funds in place to start. We’re not talking about big business but the woman who wants to run a local market stall, the man who wants to bake and sell bread, the electrician who wants to set up a repair business in other words the so called “little people” who, in many cases, are the backbone of a country’s economy.

This is where “Lend with Care” steps in – the entrepreneur approaches his local mi-cro-finance unit whose partner is Lend with Care. If the idea has promise the loan is granted and the business gets under way.

These are modest sums but your local Rotary Club has so far donated £2,650 to this cause which has so far created loans amounting to over £11300 with repay-ments to date at over £9,100. Most signifi-cantly we have helped 244 entrepreneurs get started in turn creating a further 97 jobs. A truly wonderful scheme and we are delighted that our in-volvement has helped achieve so much.

If you want to have a chat about becoming involved in Rotary, call Ron Bradney on: 01353 864949

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