Pink Chair Spring 2020

Pink Chair Engagement (PCE) was set up to help combat anti-social behaviour in Littleport.

By empowering locals to ‘take back’ community open spaces and use them for crafting and chat. We enjoyed many ‘pop ups’ throughout Littleport over last summer.

Our winter project involved us handing out many material packs to most of the voluntary groups in Littleport.

Each group has created a material square with decoration and the name of the group

The idea is that all these squares will be sewn together to make one huge community picnic blanket. Ready for use this coming summer.

Each group who completed a square will be able to borrow the blanket to use for their special events.

The blanket will show all that is great about Littleport.

A visual representation of the community groups and volunteers who run them.

A simple historical diary of the blanket’s use will be kept. Including one photo of the event.

We started to sew the blanket together in the village hall and we also took the blanket into

‘The Grange’ care home to show the residents and to continue with the sewing.

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