Beynur’s The Best

Beynur’s Tattoo Salon is one of the busiest places in Littleport’s Main Street.

It is said that people come from as far as London and Brighton to get their arm, leg, or any other part of their anatomy tattooed. And they are “done by only the best you know,” said one tattoo emblazoned customer.

Highly recommended by those ‘in the know’, Beynur Kaptan’s good reputation began back in his native Turkey where he first became a tattoo apprentice in Istanbul in 2003.
His thirst for learning and wanting to expand his artistic and tattooing flare, took him to many cities in Turkey where he ended up working with 3 of the best art and tattoo teachers in the country. Such artistic expertise gave Beynur the desire to open his own tattoo shop in Balikesi, but he became more and more preoccupied by the many European influences and styles which prompted him to move to Belgium before coming over to England where he finally settled in Ely. It was there that he was employed by one of the busiest tattoo studios. But Ely’s loss is Littleport’s gain as the village can now boast of one of the world’s most talented tattoo artists. Always friendly and obliging, Beynur without hesitation provided a £30.00 voucher as a donation towards Stuart Seekings Charity Event for Cancer Research and already there is a scramble to win this much coveted prize.

Tattoos seem to have become the latest fashion, and there’s even an increase in the older generation wanting some kind of artistic depiction on their bodies.

This goes to prove not only that you’re never too old, but that Beynur instils confidence in clients both new and old!

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