Coleby’s – The Fisherman’s Friend and a Famous Name!

This is a pet shop with a difference. Colbey’s has been selling angling goods to fishing enthusiasts for many many years.

About 11 years ago young couple Gavin Eeles and his wife decided to buy the renowned angling hub and kept the name going. As Gavin remarked to Littleport Life; “ When we came here the street was really busy and Littleport’s village centre was thriving. Since the advent of the big supermarket – as well as internet shopping – things have been quieter…”

Although they are still selling quality tackle of competition quality, they diversified a couple of years ago and made half the shop over to domestic pet provisions from dogs to hamsters with all the usual foodstuffs and accoutrements such as pet beds etc. The shop is open 9 to 5.30pm Monday to Saturday inclusive with half-day closing Wednesday.

Earlier this year they made another big decision to sell Colbey’s, and move a little further to the south west of Cambridgeshire to be nearer to Gavin’s mother.

Interestingly it is on the estate agent’s books as a 4 bedroom house with shop premises beneath and an outbuilding that had planning permission for another house behind – but the Eeles’ are only selling the stock at wholesale value – and the Good Will attached to the famous angling shop is free!

If you are an angling enthusiast you may well want to contact Pocock’s in Ely to find out how much it will cost for you to purchase this piece of Littleport’s history!

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