Meet The Man Behind the Ad!

Littleport Life magazine is supported by its many lovely advertisers, so as you know we feature one or two of them each issue.

One of those supporters is Keith Evans who has been advertising with us for a couple of years now – but you may know him better under his own company name of Millrose Telecom.

He runs a very successful business, and you can read glowing comments from some of his customers when you log onto his highly informative website www.

Keith told Littleport Life’s Roving Reporter Cathy Gibb: “I’ve been in telecoms for over 22 years – both business and residential, and have lived in Littleport for 10 years. My employment track record speaks for itself having worked for companies like Virgin Media, BT, NTL and Ionica, as well as business telecoms companies.

Last year I set up Millrose Telecom (named after their daughter Millie Rose) which provides residential and business telecom services to local customers including phone faults, extension issues and troubleshooting (less expensive than BT charges), and also business telephone systems and data-cabling.”

Keith provides some very handy tips about various phone problems from a crackly line, no dialling tone, to slow broadband or phantom ringing etc., on his website. You can always email Keith at Millrose Telecom on or phone 01353 860872 or 07884 293102 if you need to make an appointment or receive some advice.

While Keith is busy with his own company, his wife Jo is also fully occupied with her business. She is Co-Founder and Co- Director of the Emerald Frog Marketing and PR Company which is based at e-Space North, 181 Wisbech Road, Littleport.

The Evans’ working ethos even extends to volunteering for Littleport Timebank and delivering the Littleport Life Magazine to your doorstep.

Keith also manages to make time for his other passion in life, Wildlife Watch, where he is leader for the Ely Branch, and the junior club of the Wildlife Trust, plus he regularly runs activities for local children helping them to learn about the Isle of Ely’s wildlife.

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