Spirit and Healing

This summer quarter, our founder and Primus, who also happens to be an author and journalist in her working life, currently editor of this community magazine, has written a few words for us about our Spirit driven healing ministry. Offering up our prayers for this to take place, we channel our healing, from Spirit through our spirit indwelling in our physical body, to the spirit of the sufferer, in order to give relief and comfort from whatever ails them.

We also believe that not only is there eternal life in Spirit, but that we can receive various levels of communication from that other world of spirit, and that this is provable by mediumship in all of its different forms, including that of channelling healing.

The Spirit that we invoke in our prayer for help for those needing the alleviation of suffering, is that which is known as the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, spoken of at that last Passover meal by Jesus to his followers, who were gathered in the room with him. You can check out the event in full in any bible containing the books of the New Testament in the gospel of John Chapter 16. We are called Spiritualists because we believe that Spirit – the Great Omnipotent and Omnipresent Spirit – is a fact; that we are all a part of that Spirit and as such we are all spirit beings now and will continue as conscious entities when we die.

There are now and have been many detractors of Spiritualism that say that they are Christian (or are members of other religions such as Moslem or Hindu, Bahai or Jewish) and some even challenge that the actual denomination of Christian Spiritualism exists. Or that Spirit exists… You may be interested should you not already know that the author of Robinson Crusoe, Moll Flanders, and many other popular novels, Daniel Defoe, also studied for the ministry at a school for Dissenters and wrote about the spiritual and spirit matters so close to his heart.

He spent time in prison for ‘Slandering the Anglican Church’ as well as for slandering the Whig Party and to give you a flavour of his opinions, here is a little of his ire from the Review journal of which he was editor:

‘Things as certain as death and taxes can be more firmly believed’ as Defoe bitterly branded ‘the rejection of the supernatural’ as ‘a sort of atheism’.

In yet another he had castigated ‘those discrediting apparitions’ and that they, ‘persuade themselves there are no spirits at all and (therefore) convince themselves that there is no God and so atheism takes its rise’… This last comment was written in his book, ‘Vision of the Angelic World’. He may well have been among our number had he been born in 1960 instead of 1660.

Should you want to find out more about our belief and principles and how they are applied in a practical way, why not try a service with mediumship and healing on a Thursday evening at the Village Hall?

May you be Blessed with Healing.

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