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After an administrative difficulty arose, Majors Bram and Lorraine Holland had to once again retire!

The couple who having served for so long and so well since first becoming members of the church in 1978, retired for the first time in 2006! They had served social centres and churches around the country before settling in at the Whittlesey Citadel in 1996. Then they answered the call to look after the Littleport community which resulted in a second retirement this year!

Following this departure of the senior officers, the Salvation Army Citadel in City Road has had to cease its lunch club provision, but it is still open every Sunday morning for worship at 11 am.
There is still always a warm welcome. As the Salvation Army says; ’Not only because you need something, but because you have something to be thankful for. We are here for you in your community.’

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  • Jennifer Jardine

    Dear Littleport Salvation Army,

    During the last week, my brother and I visited the Salvation Army site. We were exploring where our Salvation Army parents had served in 1939 to 1944 in the Norfolk area. We found the address, 7Millpit Furlong, where one or both of them lived. My mother’s name was Lieut Reta Oddy and my father, Lieut William Brown. We think it was just mum who was the Officer in Littleport.

    We took some photos of the Hall which we imagine is still the same building in City Rd. We wondered if there are any existing records of past SA Officers in the Littleport Army archives as this would be so interesting for us. We are both in our 70s now and our parents long gone but if you could give us any information on your corps history then that would be wonderful. I went to the local library and the librarian was very helpful in finding you.
    My brother lives in Petersfield, Hampshire and I live in Malvern Wells in Worcestershire.
    We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your time.
    Regards, Jennifer Jardine

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