Citizen of the Year – Maureen Scott

Littleport’s very own Maureen Scott, who is a busy archivist for the Littleport Society, and can be found every Tuesday afternoon ready to show interested visitors around all its amazing historical gems, upstairs at the Parish Council’s ‘The Barn’ offices, at the back of the car park in Main Street, could not understand why she had received the Citizen of the Year award, writes Cathy Gibb-de Swarte.

“When I received the letter I just put it aside thinking someone was playing a practical joke on me,” said Maureen, as Littleport Life caught up with this amazing lady, who was seen busy archiving some of those important newspaper cuttings that are such useful references when there are enquiries by the interested general public, or people with links to Littleport that may go back 100 or more years!

“In fact, at The Littleport Society we are always finding more information, and we can spend hours and hours looking for intriguing stuff. When people bring in news items or pictures, we log them, number each item, and then file them in these cabinets. Sadly, we can’t display much material because we don’t have the space here,” commented Maureen, who proceeded to pull open a drawer full of classic speed skates.

“I’ve always been interested in local history and since I was a small child I just loved architecture,” revealed Maureen. And as an adult, Maureen has continued with her various interests, attending many courses, is an author and poet, and still attends a small group of lace makers every week which she mentions was first started in 1982 by Hilda Weymouth.

“I was born in Littleport in the Isle of Ely and worked in the Council offices in Ely, before marrying. And then my son Bev was born, and I didn’t return to work because I wanted to look after him myself at home. It wasn’t until he became more independent, did I find another job, this time working in the offices of Hope Brothers for 31 years before retiring,” Maureen told Littleport Life.

Maureen Scott was brought up loving motorbikes thanks to her Dad, Bob Gent, who owned every motor machine going including a Norton, before she was introduced to scrambling and skating courtesy of her husband Aubrey, who was a very keen fen skater, and is just delighted that her son Bev keeps the family interest going by attending scrambling events most weekends.

You could say Maureen Scott is Littleport personified and is a great inspiration to us all. And for those who feel that they may be too old to get involved in local projects which assist the community Maureen says, “Keep your mind active, keep going and enjoy every day.”

Congratulations to Maureen Scott, the worthy winner of the 2018 Citizen of the Year award!


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    I was a bridesmaid for a lady named Maureen Scott many years ago, but I’m not sure if it’s the same person. My name was Judith (Judy) Edwards then, daughter of Molly, who worked at Hope Bros. for many years. I have lived in Australia for many years, and still have my photograph as a bridesmaid. It would be interesting to receive an answer. I also attended Littleport Primary School, and Martin School. Wish I had known about the reunion/ I would have been there. Hope there is another soon

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