Greater Littleport and District New Christian Spiritualists’ Society

A Spiritualist meeting has been going on in the village since 1998. Yes, it is what is called a ‘suitcase church’ but many of the best religious gatherings have been a moveable feast!

And even where there is a fixed venue that was built for the purpose, however large or small, there has always been an outreach, whether for home visits to the sick, to offer prayer and spiritual succour to those who cannot travel to it, or meetings that are set up either singly or at regular intervals, to take the message out to a wider community than the one that regularly visits that place of worship, praise and prayer.

Every Thursday at Littleport Village Hall, Littleport’s Spiritualist minister, bishop to the NCSS First Minister, The Right Reverend Nick Brown – supported by his parents, Linda Brown, usually seen first welcoming attendees as they come through the doors that open at 7pm, and in the background, Francis Brown, who it’s reported makes a good cup of tea after the service, that begins at 7.30pm – leads the spiritual event.

There is always an address By Rev Nick, followed by a demonstration of mediumship by a guest medium.

Mediums are sensitives who have developed their innate ability to be the conduit through whom discarnate individuals who have passed over to the higher realms may communicate their thoughts back to loved-ones they left here on the earth plane.

This is done in a space that each week is consecrated by the minister as sacred through the opening prayer.

But although a religious Christian Spiritualist enclave, and dealing as all religions do, with matters of life and death, it is often a space filled with laughter and good humour as well. All are welcome.

For more information go to our website: or Facebook: New Christian Spiritualists’ Society and Greater Littleport and District New Christian Spiritualists Society.

May God bless and keep you. Make His face to shine upon you and give you peace.

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