Focus on Flooring in Littleport!

Enkay Flooring alias Nigel Keith Jacklin continues to put customers first when it comes to his family-run business. In July they opened up a brand-new showroom literally on their doorstep where they live in Wisbech Road.

Nigel felt that the village needed a flooring shop/showroom since the village no longer had a carpet shop to call their own.

25 years of experience in the flooring business and having spent 19 years living in Littleport after moving from Cambridge, his reputation goes before him and everyone now knows Nigel as Mr Enkay himself.

Nigel’s expertise is second to none. He even taught his son Paul (who he calls Charlie) everything he needed to know about this highly skilled craft. And both are part of this very successful family business which includes his daughter Katie and wife Jane. Daughter Katie regularly updates their Enkay business Facebook page and assists with customers queries, while Jane will also help out her daughter answering phone calls taking customers’ orders if Nigel and Paul are away on call.

The beauty of turning their garage into a showroom has meant that Enkay Flooring will open their doors as late 7 o’clock in the evening if customers rang up in need of urgent flooring needs.

They are closed on a Monday, but at the weekends they are open for business.

“Prices are evenly matched with internet prices because we are here to provide a competitive quality service,” Nigel told Littleport Life.

Enkay Flooring do everything from the top to the bottom of the house and large corporate buildings, for instance they were called upon to fit the reception area flooring prior to the opening of Littleport Leisure.

According to these local experts, laminated flooring is naturally cleaner than carpet and there are many styles and types designs from which you can choose and buy, and Enkay will fit at your request.

Nigel recalls when he first started fitting laminated and wood flooring they had to glue them all together, whereas today the job is made that bit easier with modern click methodology.

Contrary to popular belief Nigel believes that youngsters today prefer to go with the oldfashioned carpet style of flooring especially when it comes to bedrooms.

Enkay Flooring has just completed laminating a new Bridal Shop floor in Little Downham, and his son Paul will continue to undertake those big jobs like laminating a huge store in Great Yarmouth, something the company have been doing to customer satisfaction for many years.

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