Littleport Life Editor Lyn visits YPL Auctions

I needed a filing cabinet and was delighted to find one for sale in the YPL auction run by Phil Malkin.

When I went along to collect my purchase I must say I was pleased to find it was in as good condition as I would expect in a new one.

In fact there were new items in the hall ready for the next auction. These are held twice a week, on a Wednesday evening at 6pm and Saturday mornings at 11am.

I couldn’t resist a look round and spoke to Phil himself who was organising a display of fascinating ornaments.

He told me that he makes a point of only accepting items for auction if they are in good condition.

There were already some very interesting pieces that would be fetching quite high prices in a London auction house.

Metal and wooden signs, beloved of Antiques Road Trip and other similar programmes, 60’s coffee and tea sets, musical instruments, tools, 40’s furniture that just needs a bit of TLC with paint stripper to give it that 21st century appeal, and countless other artefacts like glass dressing table sets and candelabras from the mid-20th century now fashionable retro chic.

I admit to probably spending more time browsing than I should have – but it was a very relaxing way to spend an hour! And then upstairs is Dee’s Delights – an eclectic mix of items for your home ranging from large ornamental china elephants to zebra print chairs and art deco mirrors, all have a ticket price, so you don’t have to ask.

Dee also serves refreshments in the very clean downstairs café area, needless to say, with a smile.

The whole place is geared to raising money for the YPL charity. The auctioned items give a donation of 20 pence in every pound with 80 pence going back to the owners of the goods.

I certainly enjoyed the experience both of buying a good quality filing cabinet for a fraction of it’s cost new, and going along to pay for it, and having a chat with Phil whose heart is definitely in the right place as far as Littleport is concerned and having a well-made cup of tea and a delicious snack too!

Find them at the indoor arena, Henry Crabb Road, Littleport.

Call 01353 861391

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