Keeping Your Garden Secure During Storms

With the current climate of strong gales and storms brewing across the UK we spoke to local home and maintenance company Emeralds Home and Garden about their advice on the best ways to secure your garden in the event of a storm.

Recently we have seen a great influx in fence, shed and garden repairs due to the storms that have occurred. Here are a few tips for keeping your garden’s safe:

  • Ensure all shed and outhouse doors are securely closed – damage to shed doors and their hinges being very common in a storm.
  • Secure all outdoor equipment effectively and where possible store them elsewhere if likely to be blown away.
  • If you can, remove any weak branches from trees in your garden to reduce the risk of them falling during high winds.
  • Strong fencing with firmly set fence posts, plus treating fences with wood stain to prolong their life will help reinforce them.
  • Plants can become severely damaged in high winds. Windbreaks such as netting or mesh will reduce the strength of the wind reaching your plants. Likewise canes to help support plants and placing potted plants against a wall will also protect them to an extent.

Fencing, sheds and garden repairs are our areas of our expertise. We are also fully qualified, professional carpenters. For all enquiries and for a free no obligation quote please message us via our Facebook page “Emeralds Home and Garden” which can also be found on the Littleport Life Magazine page on Facebook.

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