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Dear Friends

After a number of years my time at Littleport has come to an end. I have enjoyed working here at the Methodist Church and so much alongside other churches in the village. I have found the people warm and friendly and am amazed at the number who have been in Littleport all their lives. Of course, a number go back to the shirt and mac factories but a lot did work on the land too. I thank you all for your warmth and friendships.

The Methodist Conference has just met in Birmingham NEC. It was a good Conference despite some very difficult issue to tackle, not least on sexuality. Perhaps the church is being dragged into the 21st century. I attended the first day of the Conference because I wanted to attend the memorial service for those who had died during the year. There were five whom I knew, one in particular whom I assisted at his ordination. Anno Domini certainly made me aware.

Recently we were saddened at the death of Sister Joyce as she was known to everyone. She was such a lovely person through her caring and great support. Indeed, she was chosen as Littleport Woman of the year. A very worthy accolade. There are a number of people who have much to thank Sister Joyce for her ministry. I first got to know here when I cared for St Johns. She was such an amazing support that made my work so much easier, and I pray, effective. I certainly thank God for Sister Joyce.

Lately we have been concerned in Littleport regarding the so called ‘County Line’ where we have been part of the destination for these evil men who carry out their drug trade on young people and I understand possibly even children. We are concerned about our young people and do not want their lives to be blighted at such an early age. Sadly, Churches have been damaged but more importantly we do not want our young people to be damaged. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with them.

As I sign out I do so with sadness and also with a sense of expectancy as we look forward to the arrival of Revd. Catherine Dixon. I believe that she is someone we will grow to love greatly.

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