Mowers Matching into Spring

After the high winds and almost constant rain in January & February, I’m sure I’m not the only one looking forward to longer days and warmer weather. It makes us all feel so much better. It also means we can finally get started on those gardening tasks.

  • A good place to start is tidying the garden by cutting back winter shrubs, pruning trees and raking winter leaves and debris. Clear up anything the winds spread across your garden and repair fences or structures damaged in the storms.
  • If the ground is not too wet, spring is the ideal time to lay new turf or reseed sparse areas of lawn. Make sure you don’t walk on new grass, give it a chance to root undisturbed and you’ll see the benefit in Summer. If it’s dry, remember to water new turf regularly.
  • The RHS advises April and May are the best months to treat your lawn. If you have a scarifier or even a rake, use this to remove moss or thatch and open up the grass. Aerate the lawn by spiking the ground with a fork or proper aerator tool, this improves drainage. Use a combined moss killer and fertilizer to feed and weed your lawn.
  • When you start cutting your grass, set the level on the mower at it’s highest settings so you don’t scalp the ground. Compost grass clippings with a mix of shredded paper or newspaper and veg peelings etc. Too much grass alone will make a wet & slimy mess, you need air and mixed organic matter to make good compost.
  • If you have an allotment or veg garden you might use a tiller or rotavator to loosen the soil. It saves back breaking digging and mixes nutrients into the soil to feed your growing veggies. Make sure your fuel

If your garden equipment is struggling to get the job done, it may need a service or even replacing. Fenland Spirit Services can help with repairs, servicing and we supply refurbished lawnmowers, ride-on mowers and rotavators. Please remember we get very busy in Spring so the sooner you get in touch, the sooner we can help you.

Find us on Facebook, give us a call on 0775 383 6499 or check out our website. We look forward to helping you.

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